Second Time's a Charm: RMS Beauty Master Mixer

I had a sample of the cult-favorite RMS Beauty Living Luminizer a few years ago and remember not being incredibly impressed with it, despite all the raves. The pearly white highlight just wasn't the best match for my warm complexion. Fast forward a few years, and RMS has just released their newest highlight, Master Mixer, and it is a MUST. HAVE.
Master Mixer ($38) is a beigey, rose-gold cream highlighter. It's housed in the standard RMS Beauty glass pot that is tiny and perfect for throwing in your makeup bag. I use my ring finger to dab this goodness onto the tops of my cheekbones and anywhere else I feel like could use a boost of luminescence, and the effect is beautiful.

The texture is creamy, but not greasy, and it wears well on the skin throughout the day, while still maintaining its dewy finish. It makes the skin look so incredibly healthy and luminous without being dramatic or over-the-top, and the shade is so much more complementary on my skin tone than Living Luminizer.

RMS Beauty Master Mixer
I mean...seriously, right? Gorgeous.
Wearing RMS Beauty Master Mixer
Master Mixer is actually marketed as a multi-purpose product that can be mixed with other products and used on the lips and eyes too, although I have yet to use it for any other purpose besides highlighting the skin. I'm planning on putting it to the test on my lids soon, though. Glossy lids, come to mama.

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