The Palette on Repeat

I'm been having a moment with my Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Luxury Palette. Not only are the shadows amazing quality, but a combination of two of the shades has just been doing it for me lately. 

I dust the cool taupe in the top right of the palette onto the inner third of my lid, then pat on the bronze shade on the outer two thirds of the lid. Then, I blend the two together a bit, so that there isn't a clear line of demarcation between the two shades, and blend at the crease. To finish it off, I take a neutral tan/brown blending shade (I've been using MAC Wedge) and blend it through the crease for a softer transition.

For liner, I've still been loving MAC Teddy Eye Kohl. This one has so-so lasting power on bare lids, but on top of eyeshadow, I find it lasts brilliantly all day. I've been keeping the tip sharp and opting for a thicker winged line. 

The end result has a daytime smokey eye feel to it, and I love it. You know your eyeshadow is on point when even non-makeup lovers specifically compliment your eyeshadow :)

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