Eye Look + Palette of the Week

After writing up my October Favorites post, I decided to give some of those products a break and swap them out with a few others. One of the products thrown into the new rotation was my BUXOM Custom Eyeshadow Bar Palette (review here). Before my move, when I had my whole makeup collection to choose from while getting ready for the day, so much time was wasted picking out products, before wasting more time figuring out which combinations would look nice together. Since using products mainly from a small selection every morning, I've saved tons of time, especially this past week, mostly because I loved one day's eye look so much that I ended up wearing the exact same look five days in a row.

The fact that this is yet another neutral eye look should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. I used a flat shader brush to apply Gold Status (shimmery neutral gold) all over the lid, a fluffy blending brush to blend Invite Only (matte peachy tan) through the crease and a smaller crease brush to apply Filthy Rich (matte burnt orange-brown) onto the outer third of the lid and blend into the outer most part of the crease. I finished it all off by applying Invite Only along my lower lashline with a touch of Filthy Rich on just the outer third, to mimic its lid placement. I skipped out on eyeliner completely to keep the look more natural for daytime and work, and I applied mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I had this routine down cold this past week, and my eye makeup was done and dusted in two to three minutes.

If you're interested in expanding your eyeshadow collection at all during the upcoming Sephora sale, I'd highly recommend checking out these eyeshadow bars from BUXOM. My favorite shade from my palette is Filthy Rich, hands down.

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