butter LONDON Shadow Clutch Palette in Natural Charm + Duos

Nine days out of ten, the eyeshadows I'm wearing came from a palette. I love me a good eyeshadow palette. butter LONDON released an eyeshadow formula this year in the form of two six-pan palettes called Shadow Clutch Palettes ($39) and four Shadow Clutch Wardrobe Duos ($15). After trying and enjoying their Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons, I was excited and curious to see how their eyeshadow formula compared to other high-end formulas.
The palette I have is called Natural Charm. It's a gorgeous mix of neutral shades, including Citrine, a peachy pink-gold, and Camo, deep olive green. Those two, with the addition of Quartz, the taupey-tan shade in the middle top row, are shimmer finishes, while the other three, Linen, Camel and Leather (bone, neutral tan and espresso brown, respectively), are mattes. The cool thing about the palettes is that you can switch out the shades with any of the shades from the duos (each eyeshadow in the "duo" is actually a single). I liked all of the shades already in Natural Charm, so I left mine as is.

The Fancy Flutter duo (bottom in above photo) consists of Plume, a red-brown/blue-green duochrome shade (similar to the likes of MAC Club), and Feather, a peachy gold. The other duo shown, Moody Blues, contains Sequins, an icy mint green, and Sapphire, a shimmery royal blue.

butter LONDON touts an eyeshadow formula that is primer-infused, oil-absorbing, crease-free, long-wearing and blendable. With the exception of Camo and Sapphire, which can apply a bit patchy and require more work to blend seamlessly, I found the other shades easy to apply and effortless to blend. As far as their other claims? So much yes. These babies wear from morning to night without skipping a beat. Even without primer, these eyeshadows wear exceptionally well on me, similar to the likes of Burberry. No creasing; no fading.

Some of my favorite combinations include: 
  • either Quartz or Citrine on the lid, Camel blended through the crease and Leather in the outer v for added definition; 
  • Plume on the lid with Camel to blend it out; 
  • Feather on the inner half of the lid, Camo on the outer half of the lid and Camel to blend everything out and through the crease.

L to R: Linen, Quartz, Camo, Camel, Citrine, Leather, Feather, Plume, Sequins and Sapphire
Wearing Quartz and Citrine on the lid, Camel in the crease and Leather on the lashline
Generally speaking, these butter LONDON eyeshadows are buttery (expect a tiny bit of fallout if you're not careful), pigmented, blendable and most importantly, long-wearing and crease-resistant. I always enjoy a bit of customization, so needless to say, I'm a fan of the option to switch out the shades. The other Shadow Clutch Palette shade option, Pretty Proper, seems like a really nice cool-toned option, from what I've seen of it in-stores at Ulta.

Disclosure: These products were sent to me for consideration for a review. I am not affiliated with the company, nor am I getting paid for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are based solely on my own experiences with the products.

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