A Must-Try: MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation

I've tried MAC face powders in the past, but the MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation is my first liquid foundation from them. I tend to equate their foundations with being heavy and higher coverage, so they didn't appeal to me. Even when this foundation was released, I had my reservations based on my less than positive experience with another serum foundation. However, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and if you follow me on snapchat, you'll already know this, but I LOVE this foundation. Borderline obsessed.

The MAC comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pipette dropper. The packaging, while chic, scares me because it wasn't long ago that I accidentally knocked over my similarly-packaged Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer and spent a long while shampooing the carpet, as a result. Fun times were had. In addition to having to take extra care with the bottle in order to not spill or knock it over while open, it's also not ideal for traveling, due to the weight and fragile nature of the bottle.

Pipette dropper
I have shade NC25, and it's a touch light on me but will be the perfect match soon, as the color I've acquired over the summer continues to fade. Although it says it can also be applied with fingers or a sponge, I've been dotting the foundation around my face and buffing it in with a foundation brush. With one coat, the foundation has light coverage that evens out my skin tone and takes the edge off of blemishes, but doesn't truly cover them. One of the things that really surprised me was how seamlessly the coverage can be built up. After applying the first layer, I sometimes buff in a second layer just where I need additional coverage (usually around my nose or on small blemishes), and it never looks heavy or cakey. It's impossible to tell there's more product there than there is in other areas. The foundation is featherlight, and it truly feels like nothing on the skin. It would be perfect for those who hate the sometimes heavy or constricting feel of foundation on their skin.

The finish is absolutely stunning. Although the foundation dries down, the finish stays glowy. There's no dewiness or shimmer; it's just a gorgeous, illuminating glow. On my combination skin, I have to powder my t-zone is order to prevent my natural oils from adding to the foundation's glow and looking greasy later on, but I think dry to normal skin types could get away without powder. Despite the finish, the foundation doesn't break down or settle into my pores at all, and it lasts all day. And, as a cherry on top, unlike my experience with NARS All Day Luminous Foundation, I'm happy to report this one doesn't cling to my dry patches!

Bare skin (L) and one layer of foundation
One layer (L); Second layer used to build up coverage on t-zone only 
Wearing MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation in NC25

Since getting it, I haven't been able to get myself to use any other foundation. I seriously love this stuff. It's the perfect daytime foundation for everyday wear. It has light coverage that can seamlessly be built-up to medium-full, SPF 30 and a finish that makes the skin look healthy and radiant. Oily skin types may find that this foundation, especially when mixed with their skin's natural oils, looks too shiny on them. For all other skin types, however, you have to try this.

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