Wayne Goss Brush 02 and Brush 14

Wayne Goss Brush 02 (top) and Brush 14

I'd been lusting after the Wayne Goss brushes ever since his first brushes launched on Beautylish. A couple months ago, I finally bit the bullet and ordered Brush 14 and Brush 02.

Brush 14 ($33) is from The Face Set, and it's my go-to for applying powder blush. The brush has an interesting longer domed shape, and the fluffy, loosely-packed bristles allow quite a bit of flexibility. It's great for sheering out heavily pigmented blushes in order to achieve a natural, even wash of color. I bought the NARS Yachiyo Brush years ago with the intention of using it for that very purpose, but Brush 14, although a different shape altogether, is infinitely softer and doesn't shed at all (two of my issues with Yachiyo). Brush 14 is ideal for applying any powder that either needs to be sheered out or only needs a featherlight application. I use it to apply moderately pigmented blushes as well, but I find that the brush needs a few extra swirls into the blush in order to pick up enough pigment. Because the application is so airy and light, you never run the risk of disturbing the makeup underneath.

Brush 02 ($35) is from The Collection, and I love it for contouring. It's much smaller than the rounded end of the glo minerals Contour/Highlight Brush, and it's most similar in size and shape to the Real Techniques Contour Brush, except it's slightly more tapered, and the bristles are much softer and are not as densely packed. For my face shape and size, I enjoy using Brush 02 for contouring because it's quite small and allows me to control exactly where I want to place the product. The flexibility of the bristles makes blending easy peasy. This would also be a fantastic brush for applying powder, blush or highlight.

Wayne Goss Brush 14 (left) and Brush 02
All Wayne Goss brushes are cruelty-free, made with natural bristles and handcrafted in Japan. The handles are all black and made from a durable wood called Hornbeam. When I first picked up my brushes, I was surprised by how light they were, especially Brush 14. The design itself is sleek and minimalistic. Both brushes are incredibly soft and a pleasure to use, making scratchy bristles a problem of yesteryear. I ordered both from Beautylish.

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