The Dreamiest Drugstore Cleanser

It must have been a combination of the pretty, robin's egg blue packaging and the catchy name that caught my eye, but it was more than enough for Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash to earn a spot in my Target shopping basket. A glance at the claims to remove makeup and cleanse and tone, all while being sulfate-free, non-drying, and chock-full of ingredients like coconut water, sea algae complex and antioxidants, and it's pretty clear this was something special.

Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash ($10.99) has an interesting consistency that is somewhere between an oil and a gel. It's advised to be applied to damp skin, but I've also applied it to dry skin to remove my makeup, before introducing water into the mix, and it works just as well that way, too. Although not as potent a makeup remover as a cleansing oil, this one's makeup removing abilities are quite strong, nonetheless (waterproof mascara still needs some outside help). I love using it morning and night as a second cleanse, and it leaves my skin feeling plump, soft and gently hydrated, despite being a foaming cleanser. Stripping, this is not. It also has the most delicious, tropical, coconut scent that is, quite literally, mouth-watering.

I first tried this in a travel set and after a single use, I was so head-over-heels in love with it that I went back for the full-size. And when I couldn't find it because someone had purchased the lone tube that I'd seen in-store just the day before, I went to another Target specifically to hunt it down. So yeah, you could say I'm a fan of this stuff. It's a drugstore gem.

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