ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Cheeks

In addition to Nillionaire Super Shock Shadow and two Lippie Stix in Rocket and Scandy, the rest of my ColourPop Cosmetics order consisted of four Super Shock Cheek products - two highlighters and two blushes.

The two Super Shock Cheek blushes ($8) I got were Fruit Stand, a bright red with a touch of orange, and Between the Sheets, a neutral dusky pink. I'd heard mostly good things about their blushes, with the occasional "they're difficult to blend" reviews thrown in, too. The formula on these is almost like Play-Doh. They're a little spongey, but drier than a mousse or cream product. I use my fingers to apply them (I've heard a stippling brush works too) and have found that you have to work quickly to get them blended in before they dry down completely and don't budge. Because of the slightly drier, dough-like texture, I do find them to be somewhat difficult to blend out (they tend to tug a bit at my skin as I'm using my fingers to blend), and although the end result can look quite nice, it's not as seamless of a finish, compared to other blushes. Both are matte.

ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Cheeks in Fruit Stand (bottom/left) and Between the Sheets

I also got the Super Shock Cheek highlighters ($8) in Highly Waisted, a bronzed peach with lavender shimmer, and Monster, an opalescent pink-lavender. Both are these are beautiful. I expected the formula of the blushes and highlighters to be the same, but based on the four I have, the blushes definitely have a different texture compared to the highlighters, and that's a good thing. Whereas the blushes almost felt like Play-doh, the highlighters are silky smooth to the touch and feel much more like a silicone-based cream product. I can use my fingers to gently tap the product onto the tops of my cheekbones to blend it out, whereas I almost have to rub my cheeks to get the blush to blend.

Pictures really don't do Highly Waisted or Monster justice. They look completely uninteresting in their pans, but once you swatch them - omg. The shimmer and iridescence have to be seen in real life, because they're gorgeous.

ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Cheeks in Highly Waisted (left) and Monster
ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Cheek in Highly Waisted

ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Cheek in Monster

L to R: 
ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Stix in Rocket and Scandy;
Super Shock Cheeks in Highly Waisted, Monster, Between the Sheets and Fruit Stand;
Super Shock Shadow in Nillinaire

Wearing Fruit Stand and Highly Waisted
Overall, I like the blushes (mostly because I like the shades I chose), but I don't love them. There are plenty of superior blush formulas out there to choose from. The highlighters, however, are unique shades that are really beautiful, and they're easy to apply.

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