The Toner That Is Dehydrated Skin's Best Friend

During one of my frequent browsing sessions of the 'Just Arrived' section on sephora.com, I noticed the addition of a new skincare brand - belif. After a few weeks and a couple reviews started trickling in for their products, I noticed a common theme - they all had really good reviews. Although I didn't intend on trying anything just yet, as my skincare stash was already overflowing as it was, the belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner ($28) piqued my interest when I saw it in-store. As someone with a combination skin type who suffers from a very oily t-zone but skin that can otherwise tend to feel dry/tight/dehydrated, a toner formulated specifically to balance normal to combination skin types sounded right up my alley.

The two main ingredients in the belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner are bergamot, intended to balance and soothe, and sage, for hydration. It has a gel-liquid consistency that is more viscous than your typical liquid toner. Using a cotton pad, I apply it once or twice daily (always in the morning, sometimes at night too) on cleansed skin, and the soothing properties are instantaneous. Once dry, it leaves a veil of hydration atop the skin that you can literally feel if you touch your skin. It really helps to lock in the moisture from my moisturizer that I apply after it, and it doesn't disrupt other skincare or makeup products that sit on top of it. It's gentle enough to be used twice a day, and I can feel the difference in my skin when I don't use it.

In the past, the types of toners I tended to go for were those that had more clarifying and oil-controlling properties, but as my skin changed over the years, my focus has switched to those that are more balancing, and the belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner does a wonderful job at that. I love how it envelops my skin with a veil of moisture without making my t-zone more reactive. In fact, it actually helps to tone down my oil production by pulling my skin out of its dehydrated state and creating a more balanced one.

So yeah, you could say my dehydrated skin and I are fans.

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