The Flashiest Neutral Eyeshadow Ever

It's impossible to not have heard all the buzz surrounding ColourPop Cosmetics at this point. Everyone's been raving about their eyeshadows and lippie stix so much that it was only a matter of time before I caved. I placed an order for an array of different products that I'll review in a few different posts, but first up is the only eyeshadow in my order - Nillionaire.
Nillionaire ($5) is the reason I placed my order, and what pushed me over the edge was seeing it on EmilyNoel83 in this video. Holy gorgeousness. This one certainly did not disappoint. It's described as a warm bronze with gold and multi-colored glitter with a metallic finish, and that's really spot-on. It's so flashy and reflective that I had to figure out how to capture all the different colored glitter particles in it, because that's what really sets it apart and makes it eye-catching and unique. You definitely won't be reaching for Nillionaire when you want a subtle, subdued look.

I apply it by patting it on with my finger over eye primer, because I don't want to risk the glitter traveling anywhere. It's pigmented, but not 100% opaque, which is fine with me, since I bought it for the glitter and sheen and not necessarily for the pigment itself. My intention was to use it on top of another eyeshadow for some added sparkle, but it definitely has enough color and pigment to be used on its own.

The swatches below are both somewhat out of focus because I wanted to capture the sparkle. See the purple glitter particles in the right swatch?

Wearing ColourPop Cosmetics Nillionaire on the lid
Needless to say, I'm absolutely smitten with this eyeshadow. It's all kinds of beautiful and then some. In a sea of neutral eyeshadows that essentially make up my entire collection at this point, Nillionaire stands out in the best way possible. I love how just a touch of it can spice up even the most snooze-worthy of neutral shadow combinations. The formula is surprisingly long-wearing and easy to work with, using my fingers. It definitely impressed me and has me curious to try more of ColourPop Cosmetics' eyeshadow finishes. Did I mention it's only $5?

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