blotterazzi by beautyblender

Sometimes I buy stupid things that are a waste of money. This is one of those times.

It was one of those late-night online shopping kind of moments. Those will be the death of me. But anyway, I was just in one of those 'I want to buy something' kind of moods. I'd heard beautyblender had just released this new thing called blotterazzi, a reusable alternative to blotting sheets. "I have an oily t-zone. I blot my face a lot. I need these," I thought. And so I bought them, and quite literally, ten seconds after I did, I wondered if it might have been a mistake. Yeah, it was one of those purchases.
It's not that I hate them. It's just that they don't even work as well as the brown Starbucks napkins I always have on hand and currently use (what? I go to Starbucks a lot and I have an oily t-zone, so naturally....), and mind you, these cost $20 (please refer back to the opening line of this post). 

blotterazzi ($20) comes with two tear-shaped blotting sponges that are made from the same material as beauty blenders. You're meant to use them dry and dab them onto any oily areas and they absorb the oil without disrupting your makeup. That part is true, actually. I notice that when I use these, they really do leave my makeup intact and I don't really see any transfer onto the sponge. However, compared to a napkin or tissue paper or traditional blotting sheet, these don't absorb nearly as much oily, in my experience. It's nice at first, because it takes down a lot of the obvious shine without completely mattifying the skin, but then I noticed I'll need to blot again a short time later (maybe 30 minutes to an hour?), whereas I could normally go for considerably longer periods in between blotting with the other types.

A positive about blotterazzi is the case. The compact is really adorable and perfect for carrying around in your handbag, and the mirror is awesome. Also included is a clear teardrop-shaped plastic sheet that says "don't toss me; keep me" as it's meant to separate a used sponge from a clean one. The bottom surface of the compact has holes to allow ventilation, so presumably, the used sponge should be kept on the bottom. Before I realized this, I kept mine on top and noticed my mirror got oily. #gross The sponges themselves are reusable and can be cleaned with the beautyblender soap (or probably any brush soap).

Final verdict? The oil-absorbing properties of blotterazzi are mediocre, its ability to not disrupt existing makeup is fantastic and the design of the compact is great, but as a whole, it's nowhere near being worth the $20 price tag. 

In my next life, I hope I don't fall for gimmicky products so easily. One can only hope.

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