A Rare MAC Love

It's not that I don't love MAC, because I do, but I'm not nearly as obsessed with their products as I once was. I don't often use many of my MAC products anymore, and a purchase at MAC has become few and far between. Technically, I didn't even purchase the product in this post - I Back to MAC'd for it - but I would've gladly bought it as well, because it's so damn pretty. The star of this post is MAC Lipstick in Kinda Sexy.
Stupid name aside, MAC Kinda Sexy has really been floating my boat lately. I love it applied full on (like in the photo above), but it's also lovely dabbed into the lips and topped with a nude or peach gloss. It's described by MAC as a "neutral pinky-rose," but I find it has some peach in it too. It's a matte formulation, which I was afraid of because MAC's mattes can sometimes leave my lips feeling extremely parched and flaky, but I don't have any issues with Kinda Sexy. It doesn't drag as you're applying it, it's not chalky and it doesn't suck out all the moisture from my lips. Win, win, win. It's a step up from a nude because it's neutral with just a touch more liveliness to it, but it still suits an array of different looks. I haven't heard too much buzz surrounding Kinda Sexy, but it's definitely one to look into for an everyday matte lip.

MAC Kinda Sexy
So that's my rare MAC love at the moment. It's kind of ironic, but some of my most loved MAC products are lipsticks I Back to MAC'd for, and not ones I necessarily paid for. I guess I tend to do more research into shades and finishes before letting go of my six empties :)

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