Worth the Wait? Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadows in Shell and Nude

When Burberry released their new Wet & Dry Glow Shadow Eye Colour ($29) formula a few months ago and I heard all the raves, I convinced myself I didn't need any more eyeshadows, so I didn't order any, despite being smitten with my other Burberry eyeshadows. After a couple weeks and my determination grew weaker and weaker, I finally gave in to temptation, only to find the shades I wanted on backorder. While No.003 Shell made it to me in about three weeks time, I literally just received No.002 Nude this past week, about three months after placing my order. If nothing, I've learned that I can be somewhat patient, if forced to be ;)

Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadow in Shell (L) and Nude
Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadows can be used wet or dry, as the name suggests. Shell is a pale golden champagne, and Nude is a bronzey-taupe. When used dry, the shadows have medium, but highly buildable, pigmentation with a  gorgeous glowy, metallic finish. When worn wet (I spray my brush with a facial spray before dipping it in the pan), the shadows transform into opaque, shiny liquid metal shadows that apply almost like a cream. The color of Shell stays about the same, whereas Nude swaps out much of its brown undertone in favor of a bit more silver when wet.

These apply beautifully, whether used wet or dry. They're pigmented, easy to blend and long-wearing. The formula is everything I expected from Burberry, and let me tell you, I had high standards after falling in love with their original eyeshadows, which are phenomenal and continue to be some of my favorites in my makeup collection.

L to R: Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadows in Shell (dry, wet) and Nude (dry, wet)
I was inspired by Sandra's application of Nude from this video. I applied Nude dry all over my lid and blended past the crease and applied it again wet to the lid only. You can see its brown undertones peeking through when blended out in the crease, compared to how shiny it looks when used wet on the lower lid. It's beautiful and incredibly multi-dimensional. I used Shell wet and applied it to my inner corner.

To me, Nude is a must-have, especially for all you taupe-lovers out there. Shell is a nice everyday lid shade, but it's nothing special. Despite waiting three months for Nude to arrive and just three weeks for Shell, as it turns out, the one I waited the longest for ended up being the most worthy.

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