Givenchy Does It Again

Givenchy Le Rouge is my all-time favorite lipstick formulas (read why here), so when I heard they were releasing a sheer version called the Le Rouge-À-Porter ($36), I was all over it. These actually released in Canada and Europe several weeks ago, and Sunny's raves had me itching to get my hands on them. When they finally made it Sephora, I picked up 103 Beige Plumetis and 206 Corail Decolletè.

L to R: Beige Plumetis and Corail Decolletè
In terms of packaging, the Le Rouge-À-Porter are housed in slimmer version of the Le Rouge tubes (real leather, mind you). In addition, there is only 0.07 oz of product, compared to 0.12 oz of the Le Rouge. The kicker here is that the price for the two is the same ($36). Womp womp.

The Le Rouge-À-Porter is meant to be a hydrating balm that offers sheer color and a subtle, shiny finish. It truly does everything it claims to. The pigmentation is sheer, yet buildable to about medium pigmentation. It's perfect for swiping on on-the-go, without a mirror. I immediately noticed how healthy, plump and smooth my lips looked. It moisturizes my lips, like a balm, although it feels creamy, rather than waxy or balmy. I love that my lips still feel in great condition after the product has worn off. As one might expect, based on the formula, it's not incredibly long-wearing, lasting on the lips for about two or so hours before a reapplication is in order. The finish has a healthy shine, without being glossy.

Beige Plumetis is a peachy-pink nude, and Corail Decolletè is a muted, watermelon pink. Both are beautiful shades that are perfect for everyday wear. 

Top to bottom: Beige Plumetis and Corail Decolletè
Both of these have been living in my handbag since I got them. Like the original Le Rouge line, the Le Rouge-À-Porters are quickly making their way towards becoming another one of my favorite lipstick formulas. Compared to their predecessors, these are much sheerer, but I love that some of the creaminess in the formula has remained the same, especially when some other sheer lipstick formulas on the market can tend to be a bit too balmy and slippery for my taste. 

Yup. Givenchy has done it again.

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