Let's Talk: Hyped Products

Whether you write a beauty blog, read a beauty blog, make beauty videos on YouTube or watch them, you've probably experienced hyped products firsthand on more than one occasion. When I first started my blog, hyped products (cough cough MAC) used to suck me in like a riptide. I'd obsess over promo pics and early swatches online, then buy several products from limited edition collections the second they popped up online or in-store, only to find these same products collecting dust in the back of my makeup drawer a few, short months later.

Since then, I've slowly learned to take an editing eye to my wishlist, in order to avoid falling victim to the hype. Though I'm not against PR samples or sponsored posts, I do take these reviews with a grain of salt, depending on who they're from. For example, if I'm looking up reviews for a product and the only ones that pop up are PR samples and from bloggers/vloggers that I'm not as familiar with, I may not buy into them. However, if bloggers whom I respect and trust tell me something is good, I'm much more inclined to believe them, regardless of whether they paid for the product themselves or received it from the company. 

I always try to consider the skin type and general makeup style and preference of the person recommending the product as well, because a product could very well be amazing, but if it's not to your personal taste or formulated for your skin type, you may not enjoy it or get much use out of it. For myself, personally, I like buying makeup to actually use and not to collect, so I try to really consider whether or not I could see myself using a product for months and years to come (I know, I know...expiration dates), or whether it would just become another frivolous purchase.

With that said, what are your thoughts on hyped products? Do you often fall for the hype? How do you avoid it? What was the last product your fell for that left you underwhelmed or disappointed?

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