An Incredible Friday Deal: IT Cosmetics CC+ Your Way to Radiant Skin!

I've only tried a few things from IT Cosmetics, but I've been really impressed by the brand thus far. So, when I found an unexpected package on my doorstep containing their CC+ Your Way to Radiant Skin Five-Piece Collection, you could say I was more than a little ecstatic. The collection launched tonight on QVC (click here), and the special price of $59.96 ($172 value!) is only good through the end of the day today, so I had to hurry and make sure I'd tested everything out in time to tell you about them!

The collection contains three new products: Your Skin But Better Anti-Aging Full-Coverage Physical SPF 50 CC+ Cream Illumination, Heavenly Luxe Radiance Wand Brush and Luxe High-Performance Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Trio in Pretty in Spring. It also contains two existing products: Anti-Aging Vitality Face Disc and No-Tug Dual Airbrush Eyeshadow Brush.

One of my two favorites in the set is the Anti-Aging Vitality Face Disc, which includes a matte bronzer, an illuminating powder and a blush stain. All three powders are pigmented, silky smooth, blendable and have incredible lasting power on the skin. The matte bronzer is beautiful and has the perfect amount of warmth to it without pulling orange. The highlighter is a slightly pinky champagne shade that is quite strong, although not overly frosty or metallic, but it looks gorgeous on the high points of the face. The blush is a bright, pinky coral with fine shimmer in the pan, but on the cheeks, it appears to have more of a satin finish. It's fresh and brightening, and I can see myself getting tons of use out of it, especially in spring and summer for a punch of color.

The Luxe High-Performance Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Trio in Pretty in Spring contains a matte mauve-pink, a matte, cool-toned taupe-brown and a shimmery champagne. The shades are smooth, pigmented and blendable, but without primer, I find that these fade on me over the course of a normal working day, although it's worth noting that I don't experience any creasing. It's a basic eyeshadow trio that is good enough, but certainly not a must-have.

Anti-Aging Vitality Face Disco (left three swatches) and Pretty in Spring Eye Shadow Trio (right three swatches)
Would you look at that glowy, luminous shine? Not exactly subtle, but there's no denying the beauty of the highlighter in the Anti-Aging Vitality Face Disc.
I already have and love the original Your Skin But Better Anti-Aging Full-Coverage Physical SPF 50 CC+ Cream, so I was really excited to see they had come out with an illuminating version. I have the shade Medium in both, which is too dark for me at the moment and would best suit NC25-30 skin tones, and compared to the original, the illuminating version is just a touch paler and has silver micro-shimmer throughout, which may not be to everyone's taste. It's definitely detectable on the skin up-close, but I don't find it to appear glittery from a normal distance. Similarly to the original, the formula has medium-full coverage, is equally as easy to apply with brushes, sponge or fingertips, has a hydrating, skincare-like quality on the skin without being greasy, and would suit an array of skin types, from dry to combination. Oily skinned gals may find the formula to be too moisturizing, while normal to combination skins may find that they can even skip their daytime moisturizer when using this. For me, I love the coverage, the healthy, dewy finish, and how it feels like it's nourishing my skin when I wear it.

My second favorite product in the set is their new Heavenly Luxe Radiance Wand Brush. It's meant to be used with bronzing, illuminating and blush shades, although I've been so obsessed with using it for bronzer that I haven't tried it with anything else. Remember how much I said I loved using the IT Brushes for Ulta 225 Complexion Powder Brush for bronzer in this post? Yeah, well, this one has got that beat. It's ridiculously soft and has the perfect dome shape with bristles that are packed just densely enough so that it applies the perfect amount of product every time. It might just be my favorite bronzing brush ever.

The last product in the collection, the No-Tug Dual Airbrush Eyeshadow Brush, has a combo of a flat shader and a fluffy blending brush on one end that's good for both applying color to the lid using the side of the brush and blending color into the crease using the tip, while the opposite end has a stiff, straight edge brush that's dense, but still soft enough to comfortably apply color to the lower lash line without feeling like you're jabbing your eye with a torture device or fluffing powder into your eyeball.

Original CC+ Cream in Medium (left) and Illuminating CC+ Cream in Medium
Wearing all of the products from the IT Cosmetics CC+ Your Way to Radiant Skin Five-Piece Collection
For me, the Anti-Aging Vitality Face Disc, Heavenly Luxe Radiance Wand Brush and Your Skin But Better Anti-Aging Full-Coverage Physical SPF 50 CC+ Cream Illumination comprise the three solid reasons why you should pick up this set. Although the eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow trio are good, but not fantastic, they're kind of like freebies when you consider the price of the set versus the price of each product individually. For example, the face disc and CC+ cream each value at $38, whereas you can get all five pieces in the set for just under $60, if you order today. 

I'm just saying it's a really good deal. Like, really good. And the products are really good, too. Just sayin'.

Click here to be directed to the IT Cosmetics CC+ Your Way to Radiant Skin Five-Piece Collection ($59.96 on 3/27/15 only!) on QVC.

Disclosure: The products in this post were sent to me for consideration for a review. I am not affiliated with the company, nor am I getting paid for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are based solely on my own experience with the products.

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