Two New Favorites from IT Brushes for Ulta

My infatuation with the IT Brushes for Ulta range started randomly one day when I realized I needed to use my Ulta rewards before they expired. After acquiring and playing around with my first brush for a few days (and being given an Ulta gift card at a rather opportune moment), I swiftly added another to my collection. That's how much these brushes impressed me.

I've always loved angled blush brushes, but after my Sigma one gave out, I never got around to replacing it. With its shiny silver handle and overall simple, yet luxe, design, the Live Beauty Fully 227 Flawless Blush Brush ($28) stood out to me as a worthy replacement. The brush head is very similar to the Sigma one, except it's fuller, a bit more dense and most importantly, it doesn't shed. The bristles are also much softer, and the brush seems to be of higher quality across the board. I've been using this for applying my blush daily since getting it, and while I love it, admittedly, there was a bit of learning curve in the beginning. Since the bristles are more densely packed than what I'm used to, I found that using it to swirl on my blush tended to apply, but also remove, the color. This brush works best by tapping blush into the skin and using tapping or very light and short sweeping motions to blend. It would probably not be ideal for very pigmented or dark colored blushes (NARS Mounia and Bobbi Brown Berry are off limits, as far as I'm concerned), as it would be difficult to sheer out with this brush.

The second brush I picked up, the Live Beauty Fully 225 Complexion Powder Brush ($36), was chosen completely on a whim and without any particular need. (What can I say? I succumb to temptation too.) This one is like a slightly larger and fluffier version of the Real Techniques Blush Brush. Again, the bristles on this one are non-shedding and softer and more luxurious feeling than the Real Techniques one, which should not come as a surprise when you take into account the price difference. I love using this one for dusting on setting powder, but it also has the perfect shape and density for applying bronzer. It practically blends itself.

225 Complexion Powder Brush (top) and 227 Flawless Blush Brush

IT Brushes for Ulta encompasses three lines, all of which utilize synthetic bristles: 
  • Airbrush Essentials Collection :: These are their essential brushes with classic chrome handles, and they are also the most affordable
  • Live Beauty Fully Inspired Collection :: These are the mid-range priced brushes with sleek silver handles, and with each purchase of a brush from this collection, IT Cosmetics donates a brush to the Look Good, Feel Better program for women with cancer
  • Velvet Luxe Blurring Collection :: These are their luxury brushes with chic, matte black handles, and each one comes with a velvet pouch

I'm beyond happy with my newest brush additions, and I would certainly consider adding a few more to my collection eventually. The two brushes I have are fantastic quality and worth the price, in my opinion.

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