The Glistening Highlight: Illamasqua Lies

I don't often hear people talk about Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Lies ($35), but it's one of the more unique highlighters in my collection. Although in the pan, it appears to be more of a petal pink, once you break through the top layer, it reveals its true color, which is a pearly, icy pink (notice how the center of mine is much lighter than the edges). The texture is creamy but not thick, and it retains its creaminess in the finish by never fully setting. Cream to powder, this is not. I like to apply this by swirling my finger in the product and tapping it gently into the skin. 

On the skin, Lies creates this glistening effect that is unlike any other highlighter I've tried. It looks almost wet. It's not the most subtle of highlighters, although you could certainly use less than I did to achieve a more subdued sheen. I think this extra dewy shine would be most appreciated by dry skinned ladies and those who suffer from dullness, simply because it injects so much freshness and liveliness into the complexion. On my combo skin, I have to be careful to not overdo it, as it can make my skin look greasy as the day wears on and my natural oils start to peek through my foundation, although Lies itself does not have a greasy consistency.

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Lies

Swatched unblended (left) and blended (right)
Lies appears quite frosty in the unblended swatch, but rest assured, because it blends into the skin so well, it doesn't retain much of the pink pigment or frostiness in the end. The effect is much more of a wet, glistening sheen.

Wearing Illamasqua Lies on the tops of my cheekbones and on the inner corners of my eyes
It's a shame Sephora no longer carries Illamasqua, but you can still find Lies on Illamasqua's website where they deliver internationally.

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