Becoming a "Lash Person" with Esqido Mink Lashes

Before Esqido Mink Lashes ever contacted me, asking if they could send me a couple lashes to try out, I'd ummmed and ahhhed over placing an order for a pair or two of their mink lashes for a at least couple months. I'd heard nothing but great things about them, but seeing as how rarely I reach for false lashes (let's be honest - my application could use some practice!), I wasn't convinced they'd be a worthy investment for a lash noob, such as myself. Once I tried my first pair, however, all doubt flew out the window.

I was given the opportunity to try out two pairs of Esqido mink eyelashes: Unforgettable ($36) and Little Black Lash ($34). Esqido uses a scale of up to 5 to describe how much volume each style offers, and the two I have are the most natural pairs, each ranking at 2. Unforgettable offers length of 5-10 mm, and the lashes are thicker and longer at the ends, making for a gorgeous , winged cat-eye effect that really elongates the eye. Although these are a bit dramatic for day to day wear on my smaller eyes, they're the perfect going out lash for me. My eyes felt so pretty and fluttery when I had them on. They almost looked like lash extensions. I loved it.

Esqido Unforgettable Mink Lashes
Esqido Unforgettable Mink Lashes
Little Black Lash are the perfect "is she or isn't she wearing false lashes" lashes. They're ultra natural, and they offer 6-10 mm of length, with the most length concentrated in the middle of the band. Although, according to Esqido's volume scale, they offer the same amount of volume as the Unforgettable lashes, they're noticeably less full. I'm not an everyday lash wearer, by any means, but if I were, these would be ideal. They're appropriate for work, regardless of work setting, as no one will ever be able to detect them on your eyes. They're like 'my lashes but better.'

Esqido Little Black Lash
There are several differences between mink lashes and the synthetic ones you pick up at the drugstore. Firstly, Esqido lashes have cotton bands that are more pliable and mold to your eye shape more easily, making them more comfortable to wear. With the Unforgettable pair, while they weren't uncomfortable by any means, they didn't feel invisible either. However, I could've worn the Little Black Lash for days and completely forgotten I had them on.

Secondly, with proper care, Esqido mink lashes can be worn up to 25 times, whereas most drugstore lashes start losing shape or falling apart after a few uses. It's important to remove them by holding the band and never the lashes themselves, and I always pick off any remaining dried lash glue from the bank before placing them back in their box.

Also, look closely at these lashes. Every single lash looks like a natural lash, albeit longer and thicker, maybe. That's because they're thickest at the root and tapered at the tip, just like a natural lash. Many drugstore lashes are the same thickness from root to tip, making them easier to detect as falsies.

Overall, I'm in love with these lashes. They actually make me want to wear falsies more often because of how natural they look. At $34-$42 a pair, the Esqido mink lashes are definitely an investment. However, when you consider the fact that a pair of drugstore lashes will set you back around $5 for about 3-4 good uses, the cost isn't really all that different. Currently, you can also receive 15% off your order with code LOVESQ.

Disclosure: These lashes were sent to me for consideration for a review. I am not affiliated with the company, nor am I getting paid for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are based solely on my own experience with the products.

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