A New Everyday Staple: BECCA Wild Honey Mineral Blush

I haven't tried too many BECCA products, but just about everything I've tried has exceeded my expectations. They seem to be a brand that constantly surprises me with products that truly deliver. I really like the packaging too - very substantial and unique. One of my recent BECCA acquisitions is their Mineral Blush in Wild Honey ($32).

BECCA Mineral Blush in Wild Honey is a peachy nude with a satin finish. It's similar to NARS Luster, except it's a bit deeper, less pink and lacks shimmer. It's incredibly smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. Despite having a satin/soft matte finish, it isn't chalky or powdery at all. It's an easy throw-on blush shade that is perfect for any time of year, but it would be particularly gorgeous in the summer, as it's one of those that kind of acts as a blush and bronzer in one by delivering a flush and creating a warmth at the same time.

BECCA Wild Honey (L) and NARS Luster
Wearing BECCA Mineral Blush in Wild Honey
I've been wearing Wild Honey constantly since it landed on my doorstep. The formula is so easy to work with, and the warm peachy shade just seems to agree with my complexion. The satin finish looks so natural on the skin, too. No wonder it's one of my favorite blush finishes :)

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