One Thing to Absolutely Avoid When Overdrawing Your Lips

Overdrawn lips seem to be having a moment right now. To be honest, I rarely used to wear lip liner, but even I've managed to jump on the bandwagon. Personally, I'm into a more subtle lip enhancement with my liner, but even if you tend to prefer something more dramatic, here's one tip to avoid from the get-go if you want to keep your pout looking believable.
Photo 1 // Bare lips

Photo 2 // Subtly overdrawn
I used MAC Cremestick Liner in Pink Treat to first line my lips around its natural edge before using slow and controlled motions to gradually extend the line just a touch above my top lip and a touch below my bottom lip. I also slightly rounded out each side of my top lip, to further enhance the illusion of volume. Then, I filled in most my lip with the pencil and topped it off with MAC Lipstick in Angel.

Photo 3 // Avoid at all costs!
I've seen quite a few overdrawn lips on Instagram lately that didn't look much different from this, believe it or not. The issue with it, and the reason why it immediately looks clown-like rather than pouty, is simply due to the extension of the lip liner past the outer corners of the mouth. 

See how different photo 2 looks from photo 3? If you look at anyone with naturally full lips, you'll notice that their top and/or bottom lip is where all the volume is - not the corners. By overdrawing the corners, your lips go from Angelina Jolie to The Joker within seconds, and nobody wants that. So, remember to concentrate the liner on the top and bottom lips, keep the corners looking crisp by leaving them be, and you'll be faking an illusion of a fuller pout in no time.

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