MAC Rediscoveries

I think a lot of us remember a time when we were borderline obsessed with all things MAC, and stalking the website or driving first thing in the morning to your nearest MAC counter to secure certain limited edition pieces from the latest collection was all too familiar. I've more or less moved on from that phase of my makeup life, but I've recently been enjoying some old favorites I've rediscovered.
I don't own too many MAC eyeshadows anymore, but Era and Wedge have always hung around because they're just so easy. They're very similar in tone and as a result, I don't typically wear them together, but Era is slightly lighter and has a touch of subdued shimmer, while Wedge is matte. I like Era as a lid shade with a darker shade through the crease, while Wedge is a great crease shade for very natural looks, but it's also fantastic for blending out a smokey eye.

I really dislike the MAC Lipglass formula, in general, mainly due to its stickiness. I've also had bad experiences with certain shades in the past that liked to form a ring around the inside of my lips (not cute). However, when worn over a lip balm, the stickiness is taken down several notches, making it much more tolerable. I've been wearing Splashing lately (limited edition from an old collection), and it's a really pretty goes-with-everything pink that complements pink lipsticks, livens up nude ones, but is equally as pretty on its own.

In terms of throw-on lip shades that I often keep in my handbag for easy touch-ups, Angel has been a more than pleasant rediscovery. In my mind, I somehow remembered it being more cool-toned or frosty than it really is. I applied it one day out of the blue, ogled my perfectly wearable baby pink lips in the mirror, and the rest is history.

My last rediscovery is Well Dressed blush. Every time I look at it, I think, "No way this will suit me," but then it always does. It reminds me of NARS Sex Fantasy in the sense that it's quite cool-toned in the pan, but because it can easily be blended and sheered out, it allows just enough of your skin color and natural flush to peek through to make it work. It doesn't look icy or bubblegum-y on my cheeks at all.

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