An Easy Way to Amp Up the Hydration for Winter

The winters are so mild here that it's generally not necessary to invest in a heavy facial moisturizer that you might only end up truly needing a couple weeks out of the year. However, that's not to say your usual lightweight, summertime go-to moisturizer can pull its weight year-around, either...at least not on its own. An easy way to continue utilizing the moisturizer you already have on hand, yet still ensure that your skin receives and can maintain the hydration it needs to remain healthy and supple, is with the addition of a few drops of a good facial oil; two to three drops seem to do the trick for me.

For mornings, I'm partial to One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster, because it's more of a serum than an oil, so it still sits well under makeup, and it has additional brightening properties that can perk up even the most sleep-deprived of complexions in a snap. At bedtime, I love my NUDE Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil. It's the more hydrating of the two, and it really beefs up my moisturizer and locks in the hydration throughout the night, thanks to a carefully curated blend of plant oils rich in omega fatty acids.

The moisturizer pictured is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lotion, which I reach for often, as it's light, simple and no-frills, but I've been relying on the aforementioned oils to kick it up a couple notches to make it winter-appropriate. I've added both of these oils to several different moisturizers and night creams currently on rotation in my skincare routine, and they work like a charm every time. 

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