The Fluid Mattes

So many brands seem to have their version of the once revolutionary matte liquid lipstick formula now, don't they? With silicones to ensure that smooth, velvety finish and bold, long-lasting pigments that make it possible to enjoy a cup of coffee without literally leaving your mark, what's not to love? Today, I'm breaking down four formulas for you, ranging from drugstore to luxury...
The budget buy // Unfortunately, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is the poorest performing of the four, but the $6 price tag makes it worth a mention. It applies rather streaky, settles a bit into lip lines (not incredibly noticeable unless you're up close) and needs at least two solid layers for opaque coverage. Its finish is the most matte of the bunch, and although it's comfortable for the first 2-3 hours or so, my lips start to feel desert-like soon thereafter. New to the matte liquid lipstick trend and not sure you're ready to commit? Give these a go. Antwerp, a rosy coral, is shown above. $6

The highly coveted // ....for us US folk anyway. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet is only available in the US via asos but seems to be out of stock quite often (5 shades in stock at the moment though!). These are nearly opaque in one coat, and though they don't apply quite as seamlessly as the next two, they absolutely hold their own against pricier options. My lips look plump and smooth with these on. The formula is fairly hydrating for the first several hours, at which point my lips slowly start to feel parched but continue to look great. Shown is Peach Club (lip swatch here), a bright orangey-peach with terracotta undertones. $17

The show-stopper // If neutral, pared-down shades are your thing, then the Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Creams are not. This range is chock-full of stunning, wildly pigmented bolds and brights that are sure to stand out in any makeup collection. The doe-foot applicator on this one is quite long and can make it a bit more difficult to achieve the type of precise application bright shades require. It doesn't get any more pigmented than this, and the color just lasts and lasts. And on top of it all, my lips feel comfortable the entire time I'm wearing it. A tiny set-back: It bleeds ever so slightly around the edges. I have (and freakin' love) Sancerre (lip swatch here), a deep raspberry. $28

The holy grail // If the perfect matte liquid lipstick existed, it would be in the form of Armani Lip Maestro. The formula is flawless. Believe me, I love it when I discover a budget item that outperforms its high-end counterparts, but that's just not the case here. This is opaque in one swipe and wears so smoothly on the lips that lip lines are virtually undetectable. My lips never dry out, and the color does not budge. The shade I have (401) (lip swatch here) is a sensational orange-toned red. $33

NYX Antwerp on the lips
Are you a fan of matte liquid lipsticks?

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