My All-Time Favorite Lipstick Formula

There was a time I might have hesitated if pushed to name my favorite lipstick formula, until I tried The One. After all, they say "When you know, you know," right? 

When I tried my first Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick, it was love at first swipe. It was creamy, buttery, and oh so pigmented. And to top it all off, the shade (Fuchsia Irresistible) was stunning. The more I wore it, the more in love I fell. Although creamy with some slip, it never feathers, and my lips feel hydrated and actually nourished the entire time I'm wearing it and for several hours thereafter.
L to R: Fuchsia Irresistible, Rose Dressing and Rouge Egerie
The line includes 24 shades (12 of which were just released this month!), ranging from flattering nudes to bold reds and everything in between. The lipsticks are encased in luxe tubes wrapped in real leather and embossed with the Givenchy logo. The formula boasts intense pigmentation with a semi-matte finish in one stroke, although I would describe the finish as one with soft shine. The color fades slowly and evenly after 4-5 hours (brighter/darker shades leave a nice stain), and the lipsticks never highlight dryness or flakiness. Lips always look smooth and plump.

Fuchsia Irresistible is a vivid fuchsia, Rose Dressing is a medium-toned pinky coral, and Rouge Egerie, one of the newly released shades, is an electric coral-red. All have a cream finish and are without shimmer. Both Fuchsia Irresistible and Rouge Egerie are incredible. They're strikingly bright yet sophisticated, and they make teeth look noticeably whiter. Rouge Egerie, in particular, is unique in that it's such a fresh take on red and manages to separate itself from the usual orangey-reds and pinky-reds, both of which we've seen replicated time and time again from tons of different brands. Rose Dressing is a punchier take on an everyday type of shade. Particularly gorgeous for summer.

Apologies for the dark photos that follow. The swatches in the photo above are color accurate.

Fuchsia Irresistible
Rose Dressing
Rouge Egerie
At $36 a tube, the Givenchy Le Rouges and your wallet definitely won't become best friends anytime soon, but I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity. How often is it that you find a lipstick formula that actually leaves your lips in better condition than they were in before you applied it? Unless I'm in a matte lip mood, the Le Rouges are pretty much everything I could want in a lipstick. 

Do you have a favorite lipstick formula?

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