Skincare I'm Currently Loving

I've been back in California for less than a week, but I've already started adjusting my skincare routine to suit the warm, much sunnier weather. These are four products I'm currently loving...

I love this sunscreen. It has a thin, runny, fluid consistency that blends into the skin with a soft matte, powder finish that feels nothing short of weightless. The tint is subtle and will suit many. I can use this alone as a light base or under my foundation, and it works well either way.

I recently started using this lightly tinted moisturizer again, and I love how dewy and glowy it makes my skin look. The tint is a bit dark on me and ever so slightly orange, but as long as I use it sparingly, a natural bronzed effect washes over my complexion that I can't get enough of.

In terms of my daytime moisturizer, I typically alternate between this one and Sibu Daytime Facial Cream, but lately, I've been preferring this one. It's unscented and has a light cream/thick lotion consistency, but it absorbs quickly and provides lasting hydration without any grease. It sits perfectly under makeup. I reckon this one would be fantastic on most skin types, including sensitive skin.

I mix three drops of this serum in with my moisturizer most mornings, and it helps to plump and perk up my complexion, with an added subtle glow. It's not greasy at all, provided you don't use too much. A little goes a long way. I notice my skin just looks and feels healthier when I use this.

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