Change is Good: Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

Although I'm clearly a lover of neutral eye palettes, Too Faced Natural Eyes palette never appealed to me before. With the clunky cardboard packaging housing shades that included a glittery mess of a nude, the thought of adding it to my collection never even crossed my mind - until it underwent a re-vamping. Too Faced recently re-introduced Natural Eyes with sleek tin packaging and a swap out with three 'new' shades, although one of the three is actually just renamed. A bit sneaky, if you ask me, but something I can overlook if the palette lived up to my expectations, which SPOILER! It does.
The new and improved Natural Eyes palette introduces Nudie in place of Nude Beach (aka the glittery mess), Cashmere Bunny in place of Velvet Revolver, and Chocolate Martini in place of Chocolate Martini (ahem, I mean Cocoa Puff...this is the renamed shade). So really, there are only two true changes, both of which are great ones and make the palette more versatile.

Natural Eyes contains four matte and five shimmer shades. To the touch, all feel soft and creamy, with the exceptions of Erotica and Chocolate Martini that feel more dry; however, all nine shades apply and wear beautifully. They're smooth, pigmented and blendable. Some shades kick up a bit of powder, but tapping off your brush after picking up the shadow is more than sufficient to prevent fall-out.

// TOP ROW //
Heaven // creamy, matte bone
Cashmere Bunny // matte, cool, mid-toned brown
Sexpresso // matte, cool, rich dark brown

Silk Teddy // icy pink pearl
Push-Up // shimmery pink-bronze
Erotica // dark, mossy brown with gold shimmer

Nudie // matte light brown
Honey Pot // warm, shimmery gold
Chocolate Martini // reddened chocolate brown with gold shimmer

Whereas many neutral palettes contain not enough mattes, shades that are too dark for daytime or too subtle for nighttime, or certain shadows of inferior quality to others in the palette, Natural Eyes ticks all the right boxes. Nearly half its shades are matte, and good-performing ones at that, it has a versatile compilation of shades that range from light to dark, allowing you to control how natural or dramatic you want your look, and every shade applies and wears well. I particularly love the inclusion of both Nudie and Cashmere Bunny, as they are fantastic crease and blending out shadows. Nudie is perfect for more subtle looks, while Cashmere Bunny is a touch deeper and can stand its own in the midst of darker shadows.

Here are three looks I wore this week...

1 // Heaven on inner half of lid, Cashmere Bunny on outer half of lid and Sexpresso on the upper lashline and outer v

2 // Silk Teddy on the lid, Push-Up on outer half of lid, Erotica in the outer v and Nudie through the crease

3 // Nudie on the lid, Chocolate Martini in the outer v, Honey Pot in the center of the lid and Cashmere Bunny to blend out the crease
If, like me, the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette never appealed to you, I urge you to give it a second look/swatch. The recent packaging and shade upgrades make all the difference, and it has quickly become one of my favorite neutral eye palettes. Keep in mind that while a few shades may not feel as luxurious upon finger swatching as shadows by Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, etc., none of that translates during application at all. These shadows look beautiful on the eyes. 

Now if they could just do something about some of the gag-worthy names...I mean, Sexpresso? Come on.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection is available from Sephora for $36.

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