The Exfoliation Schedule

If you ever wanted to test the theory that exfoliation is just another overrated step in the skincare process, forgo it for a couple of weeks and re-assess the state of your skin. Unfortunately, yours truly did this in January, not willingly or intentionally, mind you. (I blame traveling woes.) The damage? My skin was dry, flaky and blemish-ridden, aka a hot mess.
As soon as I was able, I jumped back on my regular exfoliation schedule, vowing never to forsake it again. And really, when I thought about how simple it was, especially considering the vast difference it made in my complexion, I felt like an idiot for ever even considering it could've been simply a nice, but not necessary, skincare step. It is crucial.

My exfoliation schedule looks a little bit like this:
:: Every night after cleansing, I splash a bit of DDF Glycolic Toning Complex onto a cotton pad and swipe it across my entire face, avoiding only the eye area. It provides just enough chemical exfoliation to maintain the state of my skin, and I don't find it too harsh to use daily, although my skin isn't typically sensitive either. 
:: Once a week, I cleanse my face in the shower with my Clarisonic Mia, paired with a variety of different gentle cleansers (I'm not too picky), for a slightly more intensive exfoliation treatment. 
:: Also once a week, although not on the same day I use the Clarisonic, I enjoy 20 minutes of skin purification with Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask
:: Both of these once a week, physical exfoliation options give my skin that extra kick in the tush it needs to remain smooth, blemish-free and glowing. 
:: It's worth noting is that on days when I use the Clarisonic or the Detox Exfoliating Mask, I skip the Glycolic Toning Complex. My general rule is to incorporate a maximum of one exfoliation step into your routine each day. Be gentle to your skin!

Luckily, the story of my skincare disaster ended well. Within just a few days, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the state of my skin (back to my baseline), and it was clear to me that the culprit was truly my lack of exfoliation. Its role in removing dead skin cells on the surface prevents pores from getting clogged and causing breakouts, it allows serums, oils and moisturizers to absorb more freely, requiring less product, and it creates an overall glowing complexion. By the way, how many times can I say 'exfoliation' in one post?

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