The Best of Drugstore Lipglosses

I hate to admit it, but I can really be a makeup snob sometimes. It's no secret that high-end and luxury brands entice me to a much more ridiculous degree than do drugstore brands; however, there's one area of beauty the drugstore just seems to get right - lipgloss. Here are some of the best I've found while roaming the aisles of Target, Ulta, Walgreens and the like.
Revlon Colorburst and Super Lustrous Lipglosses ($8) :: It shouldn't come as a surprise that Revlon makes some great lipglosses, especially considering how fantastic their lipsticks are. Compared to the Super Lustrous Lipgloss formula, the Colorburst formula has slightly less pigment (coming in at around medium), feels lighter on the lips and is completely non-sticky. Super Lustrous lipglosses are a bit tackier (but not sticky), and as a result, they last longer on the lips. I also find them more moisturizing. Both are non-scented (although the Colorburst glosses can tend to smell a bit funny to me.) 

Shown: Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses in Bellini and Killer Watt; Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop (old version). Can be found at all drugstores.

NYX Butter Gloss and Mega Shine Lipgloss ($5) :: The Butter Glosses feel like gloss-balm hybrids on the lips. They're incredibly moisturizing and offer light to medium pigmentation with a sweet, dessert-like scent that's difficult not to drool over. (Truthfully, they sound a bit like the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors, no?) On the other hand, the Mega Shine Lipglosses offer more punch in the pigmentation department, boast similar moisturizing properties and have a medicinal cherry scent that, thankfully, dissipates quickly.

Shown: NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel; Mega Shine Lipgloss in Nude Peach. Can be found at Ulta and some Target stores.

Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss ($3) :: Now, for the underdog. In my mind, Essence is a cheap-n-cheerful brand with products I don't often give a second glance to - except for their glosses. The scent reminds me of an old Bourjois lipgloss I used to own (back when the brand was still available at Sephora), and trust me, that's absolutely a good thing. It has a unique hourglass-shaped doe-foot applicator that hugs the lips perfectly during application. The formula is incredibly moisturizing, and the medium to full pigmentation is impressive.

Shown: Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss in My Favorite Milkshake and Candy Bar. Can be found at Ulta.

My favorite formula of the bunch? It's a toss-up between the NYX Butter Glosses and the Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipglosses. Shade-wise, I basically love every shade pictured here, so no help there. Can you tell I like my peaches and corals?

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