I am a Lancôme Lip Lover

Lancôme is one of those brands that I don't often give a second look, but that all changed with the release of their new Lip Lover range, an innovative super-gloss, if you will, with a balm base, lip line smoothing properties and saturated color. All I can say is, Lancôme did good. Granny makeup, this is not.

During an impromptu Sephora visit over the weekend, I spied the new range sitting prettily in the middle of the Lancôme display and decided to indulge in a bit of a swatchfest. Available in a wide range of shades that range from nude to bright to vamp, I can personally attest to each shade being a winner. I eventually headed home with the shade that caught my eye just a bit more than the rest - Orange Manege. It's a striking bright orange-coral with subtle shimmer.

When applied full on and straight from the tube, Orange Manege is incredibly pigmented and nearly opaque; however, one of the things I love most about the Lip Lover formula is how easily the color can be sheered out as well, increasing its versatility in my already rather lipgloss-heavy makeup collection. Below, I applied Orange Manege lightly and blended it out with my finger on the left, compared to applied straight from the tube on the right.

The Lip Lover formula provides impeccable moisture for hours on end, and a beautiful, even stain is left behind even after the initial glossiness has worn away. It has a thick gloss-balm texture that isn't sticky or tacky in the slightest, yet it still manages to boast impressive lasting power. My lips look perfectly smooth and plump with as much or as little color as my heart desires. In short, the Lancôme Lip Lover wears flawlessly and feels absolutely incredible on the lips. Easily one of my favorite new releases in recent months.

Lancôme Lip Lovers are available from Sephora for $23.

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