A Different Body Butter: Ellovi Butter

Once the winter months start rolling around, I set out on a mission to find products that will quench my dehydrated and thirsty skin. My usual body lotions and oils that keep my skin supple and content in the warmer months no longer suffice. Just as I used up the last traces of my beloved Haus of Glois Pumpkin Butter and was on the market for a replacement heavy-duty body moisturizer, Taylor's review of Ellovi Butter piqued my interest, and shortly thereafter, my own jar of Butter landed on my doorstep. 

Ellovi Butter is a unique, handmade body butter that consists of only six ingredients and contains no water or preservatives. In the jar, it has the consistently of solid butter, but once warmed up and applied to skin, it melts into a consistency more similar to a dry oil. Skin feels just slightly greasy until the body butter has been fully absorbed. There are no added fragrances, and Butter's scent is mostly that of coconut oil.

Butter's 6 ingredients:
Macademia oil
Coconut oil
Hemp seed oil
Marula oil
Non-GMO corn starch
Shea butter

When applied to dry skin, I find that Butter doesn't spread very easily to cover much surface area, meaning quite a bit of product is needed for each application. And, as my skin has been especially dry these past few weeks, I've noticed that although Butter leaves my skin looking moisturized, it still feels quite dry and itchy. 

To combat this, I then began applying Butter immediately after stepping out of the shower onto damp to wet skin. Not only did the moisture help the body butter to spread more easily, requiring less product per application, I found that Butter was much more effective when used as a sealant to capture the moisture left over from my shower. I think layering it over a light body lotion or oil would have amazing, additive heavy-duty moisturization effects for those who may need it. My skin feels nourished and hydrated right up until my next shower.

Ellovi also claims Butter can be used as a facial moisturizer, and although I haven't tested it out in that way, I have used it on my lips with impressive, albeit not incredibly long lasting, results.

Those with averagely dry skin may enjoy having Butter on hand simply to alternate with their usual go-to body moisturizers (think nice-to-have type of product), while those with irritatingly dry, itchy and dehydrated skin will find Butter to be a godsend. Just remember to apply to damp skin (or lightly moisturized skin) to seal in the hydration.

Ellovi Butter is available from their website for $26.


  1. this sounds so interesting! i like how it just has the 6 ingredients. reading your blog is so bad for me because i always end up wanted everything you blog about haha :))

    rachel x

  2. haha 'apply all over' indeed!
    im glad you experimented with application to find a way to work for you. sometimes finding that right way to use something will make a product really shine.

  3. sounds pretty interesting, though a lot of effort if I forget to apply straight from the shower. At the moment I'm using Lush Sikkim Girls and find it really nice but I'd like a little bit more moisturisation overall.

  4. Haha, sorry, Rachel! ;) Thanks for reading though :D

  5. I agree! It really is a great product. It just took some experimentation :)

  6. I know what you mean, Emma. I haven't tried Lush Sikkim Girls, but a lot of the body moisturizers I normally use and love just aren't moisturizing enough this time of year :-/


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