Urban Decay Black Market

I have a love/hate relationship with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils. With the exception of Perversion, they don't seem to want to last more than 15 minutes on my waterline, but at the same time, the abundance of shade options and the pigmented and creamy formula never fail to keep me coming back for more. When I saw the Black Market set at my local Ulta marked down from $36 to $24, I snatched it up without a second thought.

Black Market includes six mini-sized 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, five of which are new and limited edition shades. Here's a quick rundown:

:: West :: A versatile, suits-everyone, warm bronzey-brown.
:: Desperation :: The lone perm (and lone matte) shade in the bunch, Desperation is smokey grey. 
:: Black Market :: The set's namesake is a moderately intense grey-black with a satin finish.
:: Riot :: A sparkley purple with average pigmentation.
:: Apathy :: A forest green that walks the line between shimmery and metallic. This one also had the weakest pigmentation and applied the least evenly.
:: Ink :: A beautiful, shimmery royal blue with purple undertones.

L to R: West, Desperation, Black Market, Riot, Apathy, Ink

For the most part, these six pencils were consistent with my past experiences with Urban Decay's liners, and they neither came up short nor exceeded my expectations. Despite Riot and Apathy's less than stellar pigmentation (swatches show both shades built up) and the pencil formula's overall poor waterline lasting ability, at just $4 a pop, I can't really fault them - I'll just have to reserve them for smudgey liner looks or those days when I'm craving a 'pop of color' on my lower lash line.

Urban Decay Black Market 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set is available from Urban Decay for $24.

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  1. The shades are just gorgeous! You really got a good deal on these! That's too bad they don't last long on you though! I've never tried the UD pencils but have my eyes set on a few shades! :) x


  2. I wanted to like these colors so badly, but they weren't quite it for me. Such a steal now at $24, though!

  3. I wanted to buy this set of eyeliners so badly, but I talked myself out of it because I really don't need it (story of my life). I agree with you, they're pretty terrible at staying on the waterline, but I absolutely love them. Beautiful swatches too!

  4. I saw this on Beauty Bay and was tempted for two seconds until I remember how little eyeliners I use except for my winged liquid liner! I love how the shades are so nice and grungy! The green and purple are so lovely! It reminds me sooo much of the Smoked palette, I really want to get it soon!

  5. Hi :)
    Thanks for the review!
    I usually have the same problem - nothing lasts on my lower waterlines! Have you find anything that seems to work? The closest thing I've found so far is a dried-up gel liner (I know, it sounds disgusting..but..) ;)

  6. I bought this set but have't used it yet. It's my first UD liners so not sure what to expect of them yet.

  7. Oh the shades are really nice! I like these UD eye pencils (so much better than their eye shadow pencils which totally SUCK!)... I'm gonna keep an eye for them when I go to Sephora. Things are released a little slower here, so hopefully they're still available :-)

  8. West and Riot are gorgeous shades! This looks like a nice set!

  9. These shades are gorgeous! It's sad they don't last long. I've been wanting to buy some.


  10. These are so pigmented. I would wear every colour. Lovely set!


  11. thats too bad that they smudge on you. thankfully it doesnt happen to me though. i do love the UD sets that come out around winter. i bought the one from last year and found a favorite in Demolition

  12. You should still give them a try, Lupe! Maybe you'll have better luck with the staying power than I do. I still like using them - just not on the waterline :)

  13. Glad you like the shades too! :)

  14. Glad you like the formula, Jenn! They sometimes smudge on me, but my bigger issue with them is that it doesn't last on my waterline. Usually, it just disappears rather than smudging off, so that's good, I guess! :) I should check out Demolition since you love it so much. I wonder if it's LE...

  15. i looove UD pencils for how creamy and smooth they apply. but they definitely dont stay put. i actually found that the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl liner is a really good drug store dupe for urban decay liners, they have the same creamy consistency. i found they also run but not as much as UD. theyre available in 10 shades!



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