BECCA Bronzing Skin Perfector

I picked up the BECCA Bronzing Skin Perfector on a whim during the Sephora F&F sale a little while ago. It was new, I had never heard anything about it, it only had 1 review on Sephora.....and so I bought it :-/ It was a risky move, sure, but I can't say I regret it.

I wasn't on the market for a liquid bronzer or anything like that, but what appealed to me about the Bronzing Skin Perfector was how it just sounded like the most simple, multi-purpose product that could easily be added to my makeup routine to help give me a bit of extra oomph. I was sold.

It's a liquid that can be used over foundation in the same areas a traditional bronzer would be used - cheeks, temples, nose, etc., but it can also be used in lieu of foundation, under foundation, or mixed with moisturizer to provide a touch of slightly shimmery, bronze glow all over the skin. I typically use it over moisturizer and in place of foundation, and I find that it offers a healthy wash of sun-kissed color to my otherwise pale face. 

I originally took before and after shots of the product on my face, however, the difference was so minimal in real life that it was undetectable with my camera, so I had to resort to arm swatches instead.
[1] Straight from the tube onto my arm; [2] Slightly blended; [3] Completely blended.

The first time I used it, I was immediately reminded of Origins Vitazing. Now, don't get me wrong, the products are quite different, but they do have a few similarities too. I used to use Vitazing as my moisturizer and in place of foundation, and I found that it offered a fair amount of color to my face and made my skin look healthy, radiant, and dewy. What I didn't like was that as I became increasingly pale, Vitazing eventually became far too orange for me to use and not look like an oompa loompa. Also, I found that it made my skin a bit greasy after a couple hours and was probably not best on super oily skin like mine was at the time.

On the other hand, BECCA Bronzing Skin Perfector is definitely not a moisturizer so I still need to use one underneath as usual, but it also adds a fair amount of color to my face and makes it look healthy and radiant like Vitazing. The dewiness is lost with Bronzing Skin Perfector because it has a liquid to powder finish, but that also means that it works better on oily skin that does Vitazing. Also, it has virtually no orange tones so I'm never in fear of the oompa loompa effect, and applying too much product will simply yield a result that is too brown and muddy rather than orange and greasy. At my current winter pale state where I am unable to make Vitazing work for me, I am able to use a small pea sized amount of the BECCA product without it adding too much bronze to my skin, allowing it to still look natural.

One thing I anticipate people will either love or hate is the sparkle factor. Yes, this product has shimmer in it, however, I've checked my skin so many times after using it and I honestly can never detect it on my face, even though it was visible to me when I swatched it on my arm. In comparison to a notoriously sparkley product, Revlon PhotoReady Foundation, I don't find the shimmer in the BECCA product to be anywhere near that same caliber.

Lastly, in terms of being used as a bronzer (on cheeks, temples, nose), I find that it doesn't offer enough pigment and is too light shade-wise to be used in that fashion on my skin tone. On fair skin, I could see it working beautifully as a bronzer, and I think it could easily be applied with fingers or a brush since the product itself is super easy to blend. People with light to medium skin tones like mine may enjoy using it simply to add a wash of bronzey glow all over, while those with darker than medium skin tones will likely find no benefit from this product, unfortunately.

Overall, it's a great product and although it's not a must-have for me, I am glad I have it in my collection. It's my first BECCA product and I'm definitely impressed :)

BECCA Bronzing Skin Perfector retails for $36 for 1.35 fl.oz. and is available at Sephora.


  1. i just ordered this with the sephora vib gift card promo, and i'm so anxious to try it! I've been so curious about it ever since it popped up on the sephora site! thanks for sharing your review. :)

  2. This looks lovely. It reminds me of the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle. It has the same concept. This would be perfect for good skin days :)

    Beth @ Beth-Bradley.blogspot.co.uk

  3. This is pretty! I've heard good things about his brand!

  4. I love the perfecters, I have moonstone. The shimmer is so faint it's just glows, I love it! I'm sure this would be lovely with makeup or a TM on top. Too bad they t
    Don't have darker tones. But it looks so lovely on your arm. I'm a huge fan of Becca, I havnt disliked anything they released. :-)

  5. I've never used a product like this before but I must say, I am very curious now--not least of all because it's Becca!! :D

  6. Haha, cute! I would get something if it was named Tiffany ;)

  7. I've always wanted to try their shimmery skin perfectors too! Moonstone looks gorgeous!

  8. Thanks, Savannah!

  9. I've heard about that one YT and was curious to try it!

  10. Thank you, Julie :)

  11. Let me know what you think, Joyce! I hope you like it :)


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