It doesn't get more gold than this.

Continuing on with my obsession with metallic gold eyes for the holidays, I opted for much truer gold tones tonight than in my Metallic Holiday Eye post, a look that looks more taupey in comparison. I dug out and dusted off my MAC palette when I remembered I owned a gold MAC shadow once upon a time. MAC Goldmine is a vibrant yellow gold that got overlooked once I acquired the UD Naked palette because I much prefer UD Half Baked over Goldmine. However, there's a time and a place for everything, and tonight, I was in the mood for some Goldmine!

I relied on my trusty LORAC PRO Palette for the rest of the look. I used Gold to add extra golden dimension to the outer half of my lid since it's a darker gold than Goldmine, and Garnet was used to deepen my outer v and crease. I opted against my usual black winged liner due to laziness (just being honest!), but I'm quite glad I did as I thought it allowed the look to stay bright and made my eyes look bigger.

MAC e/s in Goldmine (lid)
LORAC e/s in Gold (outer half of lid)
LORAC e/s in Garnet (outer v)
UD 24/7 Liner in Perversion (tightline)
MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy (tiny bit on lower lash line)
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara

Overall, I enjoyed the look but thought it looked a bit too....yellow? In terms of metallic gold-toned holiday eye looks, I think I still prefer one with more taupey or bronzey tones, such as the one in my last FOTD post.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


10 Products I Would Absolutely Repurchase.

[1] Dior Matte Bronzer in 002 Honey Matte. Even though I haven't hit pan on mine yet, there is a noticeable dent in it and I was heartbroken to hear it was discontinued...so technically, I can't repurchase it, but I would if I could! ;) It's just the perfect matte bronzer to me. It's warm enough for my skin tone without being orange, and it's smooth and blendable without being powdery. It's just an all around amazing bronzer, and I'm definitely glad I have it in my collection.

[2] Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. I tried a few drugstore ones back in the day and they were crap from what I can remember. I've owned and loved this one for about 5 or 6 years now, and it's still going strong. Can you really blame me for remaining loyal to a curler that can even create a lasting curl with my stubborn Asian lashes?

[3] Burberry Blush in Tangerine. There are actually quite a few blushes I would repurchase (NARS Luster, Douceur, Sin, and Milani Luminoso to name a few) but I chose Tangerine for this post. The matte pinky peach shade is just so wearable for everyday, and the formulation is absolutely divine. It's smooth, pigmented, blendable, and is a must-have for all, in my opinion. Well worth the money.

[4] MAC Eyeshadow in Nylon. I purchased this shade a while back because I saw it in Tanya Burr's (Pixi2woo) videos, and I can comfortably say it is the most gorgeous inner corner highlight shade known to man. It's a super pale gold with a frost finish that brings all the attention to your eyes, as any good inner corner highlight should.

[5] MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner. This is the liner that made me fall in love with liquid liner. The sponge applicator allows for both flexibity and control, and the liner itself is a rich, pigmented black with a slightly shiny finish that I love. It also stays on all day without budging.

[6] Dior Addict Lipstick in 465 Singuliere. I love the moisturizing, balmy formula, and the sheer, yet slightly buildable, juicy bubblegum pink shade is something I can never get enough of. 

[7] Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. Although there are other powders I prefer the finish of to this one, this powder is one I always have in my collection because it's great at controlling shine when I need my makeup to last for the long haul, and I can always rely on it to add just a touch of additional coverage without looking cakey.

[8] LORAC PRO Palette. I've raved about this bad boy so much before that there's really not much more to say. And in case there is still any question, yes, I still prefer this palette over my Naked palette :) Review here.

[9] Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation. This is still my HG foundation. It has sheer, slightly buildable coverage that I just seem to prefer over higher coverage foundations 90% of the time. It's long-lasting with a natural finish, it doesn't make me shiny, and the color match (#20) is spot on for me. I LOVE IT. Review here.

[10] Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow in #15. This is my only ETK shadow, but it is by far one of my favorite and most treasured eyeshadows in my collection. The metallic brown-gold shade has such great shine and pigmentation that I just don't tend to see in many other eyeshadows. It lasts hours on my lids, even without primer, and it blends seamlessly and effortlessly. It's the perfect shadow for the 'one eyeshadow look'.

What are some of your must-haves that you would repurchase if you needed to?


My Rose Gold Highlighter.

I found this bad boy quite a while ago, sitting pretty next to the cash registers at my local Ulta. At the time, I hadn't heard anything about it or its gold counterpart, but I'm glad I gave it a swatch and took the plunge and bought it because it is just beautiful.

Bare Minerals Ready Luminizer in The Love Affair is my first and only rose gold highlighter. As many of you may already know, my HG highlighter was (and is still) Dior Amber Diamond, and I don't typically like to purchase highlighting products because I just end up being disappointed when I realize that they pale in comparison to Amber Diamond, but this one was just so different that I was able to justify the purchase. Although, if we're being honest here, even if I wasn't able to justify the purchase, it doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't have bought it still! ;)

These four photos were taken in natural daylight...

And these next two were taken with indoor lighting.

The texture is super soft, smooth and blendable. I prefer to use this highlighter more at night when I'm going out because I find it can read a bit frosty, making the skin look too done up, if you know what I mean. Of course, if you use minimal product on a brush like the MAC 188 and blend, blend, blend, you could definitely still make it work for daytime looks too :) I think the shade itself may be a bit too dark on fair skin, but I think it works on my NC23-ish skin and would definitely work on darker skin tones as well.

If you're anything like me and are currently obsessing over all thing rose gold and love highlighting products, this is a product that is worth looking in to. It's a gorgeous rose gold, but it's not too pink, which can look a bit off of on yellow-undertones like my skin. Those who are afraid of glitter need not fear - there is no glitter to be found, only soft, radiant shimmer throughout. This is definitely a product I could see myself using throughout the holiday season (and beyond), and although it won't be replacing Amber Diamond any time soon, it certainly is still a product that I continue to pat myself on the back for purchasing :)

As mentioned before, I purchased mine at Ulta, but it's also available now at Sephora for $26. 

Have you tried any rose gold highlighters? If so, what's your favorite?


Metallic Holiday Eye

I didn't really do my makeup today with the intention of going for a holiday-type of look, but towards the end, I realized that my eye look was just that! Metallic gold tones always make me think of the holidays and Christmas parties, and had I known I was doing a holiday look, I probably would've opted for a festive red lip instead :)

After appling TFSI, I applied Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze all over my lid and blended well past the crease. Then, I applied L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush to my lid only, allowing Bad to the Bronze to remain as the predominant crease shade. My winged liner is courtesy of my beloved Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, and I have UD 24/7 liner in Perversion on my top waterline, MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy on my lower waterline and Sephora Jumbo Liner in Taupe on my lower lash line.

I was inspired to use this eyeshadow combo after I saw Missglamorazzi's video today, and I LOVED how shiny her eyelids looked! Weird, I know. I only used 2 of the 3 shadows she used, but I think the effect is similar. I love that the shadows are so metallic that they look almost wet. Obsessed.

The rest of my makeup was pretty simple. Mainly, MUFE F&B Foundation in #20, Rimmel Bronzer in 25 Sun Glow, Tarte Blush in Exposed, and Guerlain lipgloss in 800 Crystal Pearl.

Do your eye looks tend to change for the holidays?

Disclaimer: The Eyeko liner was sent to me free of charge for review purposes only. I am not affiliated with the company, nor am I getting paid for featuring it on my blog. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and based solely on my own experience with the product.

Your Legs Need This: Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion

I was born and raised in California and being so close to the beach, I always strove for the eternal beachy glow. Sadly, being the young and reckless teenager I was, I often found this "glow" via sun bathing at the beach :(

Nowadays, I'm a bit wiser when it comes to tanning (as in, I don't do it at all anymore) and while I actually enjoy embracing the pale now, I have to admit that pasty white legs will never be a good look for me.

I'll admit, when I received Prtty Peaushun (pretty potion!) Skin Tight Body Lotion a few weeks ago, I didn't have high hopes. I'm not one for fake tanning and the like because I hate the smell, I hate how it comes off on clothes and sheets, and I hate how patchy many of them tend to fade, and although this is clearly a body lotion and not a self-tanner, I still had my reservations. I've used this lotion a few times all over my legs, and the verdict is............................

it's amazing! Seriously.

Bethany Karlyn, a celebrity makeup artist, created a lotion with light reflecting particles designed to impart a radiant glow to the skin, aka, exactly what I want and need. It's available in 5 different shades (plain, light, medium, dark, and deep), and the medium shade is perfect for adding just a touch of color to my skin shade. It looks really dark and orange straight from the package, but keep in mind, it's quite sheer on the skin :)

After applying the lotion to my skin, it takes a few minutes to completely dry, after which it is still slightly sticky to the touch. The point is to use it on bare, exposed skin, so I personally haven't noticed any issues with it rubbing off on clothing, although I think that in the summer time, it could possibly be prone to sweating off in the heat and thus, onto clothes, etc. 

As for the radiance claim, imagine the most subtle nano-shimmer you can possibly think of, and it would be this. From a normal distance, as in, not in your personal bubble, the shimmer does not look the least bit shimmery or glittery. Even from up close, all you'll notice is the "glow" as long as you do it right. The key is to blend it completely into the skin and don't use more than you need. The lotion itself is actually fairly moisturizing and I don't think that normal to slightly dry skin would need an additional moisturizer underneath. It claims to lift, firm, and tighten to improve the look of cellulite, stretch marks, and varicose veins, although I haven't used it nearly enough to notice a difference, nor do I believe any topical product could really do any of those things anyway.

Prtty Peaushun is all natural, contains no animal products, isn't tested on animals, and smells like lemon sugar to me (think the Fresh lip balms). It has interesting and innovative packaging that will allow you to squeeze out every last drop when you get close to the end, which I really like. It contains 8 fl.oz. and retails for $36 on Prtty Peaushun's website and select retailers (I've never seen it in any stores near me before).

I never used to use anything on my legs on a night out except your standard body lotion/cream/butter type of product, but I really love this stuff. The touch of color evens out skin tone and makes your skin look healthy and sun-kissed, and the light reflecting particles makes skin look luminous and radiant. The only thing I don't love is the price, but seeing as how this isn't really the type of product I'd use every single day anyway, it's not too, too bad ;)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes only. I am not affiliated with the company, nor am I getting paid for reviewing it on my blog. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and based solely on my own experience with the product.


Wrist Candy.

I'm not a huge jewelry person because a) I typically find it just gets in the way when I'm typing (I'm a student), and b) I'm usually in a rush in the morning and picking out what jewelry to wear for the day is the last thing on my mind. 

Lately, however, I've been favoring a few key pieces on my wrist.

Nixon Kensington watch in rose gold

Michael Kors tortoiseshell watch (I believe this model is discontinued)
Leopard Timex watch
Random silver beaded bracelet (I liked it because it reminded me of this Tiffany's one)

My Pandora bracelet (my favorite charms are the stack of books and the Buddha ❤ )

This hand dish is from Urban Outfitters - link!

(I currently have the above mentioned pieces resting on a random silver chain necklace from Forever 21 and on The Original Ombre from HRH Collection, although I'm not currently wearing those pieces)

What have you been wearing on your wrists lately?


Hair Tools!

Besides occasionally blasting my locks with a blow dryer, the only other hair tools I ever use are curling irons and a straightener. And even then, if I had to put a number to it, I'd say I probably only use them maybe 3-4 times a month. It's funny, because I've always loved long hair and wanted it all my life, but now that's it's the longest it's ever been, I rarely do anything even remotely exciting with it :-/ You can't have it all, I guess!

The two hair tools I rely on when my hair needs a bit of beautification, if you will, are the Conair 1.25" curling iron and the Hana Titanium Ionic 1.5" flat iron. Although I also have a Hot Tools 2" curling iron, I typically turn to my 1.25" barrel iron when I'm looking for some bouncy curls, as the 2" barrel is best for volume.

I really only learned how to curl my hair about a year ago. Talk about late to the party, right? I started off using it the traditional way with the clamp, and slowly advanced to learning to use it without the clamp (and without self-induced neck and finger burns - yay!). Using it with the clamps tends to yields curls that are much more Shirley Temple-esque, while using it clampless will deliver more natural, wavey curls, rather than ringlet curls.

The only information I'm able to find about this curling iron is that it has 30 heat settings, but I'm not sure what the maximum temperature is, unfortunately. My hair used to be quite soft and silky (tough life, right?), but as a result, was also completely impossible to curl. Even when I got my hair professionally done for prom back in high school and the lady used what felt like an entire can of hair spray on my hair, my tight curls were reduced to mere waves that were nearly undetectable at best within the hour.

Now I'm not saying for a second that this $18 iron is going to curl even the straightest and most rebellious of hair types, because I think that part of the reason my hair curls so much better now is due to it being a bit drier and more damaged from coloring :-/ (according to my hair dresser, but it makes sense), but I do think this iron is pretty damn good for the price. 

I use it on the highest heat setting, and it takes me about 15 minutes to curl all of my hair, even at this length. I typically use it clampless nowadays, just wrapping each section of hair around the barrel with the clamp closed and holding it there for about 10 seconds, and that seems to do the trick! I let the curls cool down for a few minutes at the end, run my fingers through them to loosen them up, and spray a flexible hold hairspray all over. My curls have never lasted so long before!

Here, I curled my hair using this curling iron on Halloween :)

To be honest, I'm very much a cheap & affordable hair care and hair tools kinda girl. I've never purchased non-drugstore shampoo/conditioner/treatments before until Moroccan Oil, and my hair tools always ran for $30 or less. Especially with flat irons, I never felt the need for a "high-end" one, since my hair is basically straight anyways and really just needs perfecting if pin straight is what I'm after. Admittedly, I had also been through quite a few straight irons back when I used them more regularly in high school and college, and that may be directly due to a cost and quality relationship.

When I was offered the opportunity to review this Hana flat iron agessssss ago, I couldn't resist because I was curious. Would it really be that much better just because it costs like 7x more than my old flat irons? I was ready to be the judge of that.

The Hana Titanium Ionic Flat Iron is 1.5" wide and has titanium iron with tourmaline plates that help to protect your hair as much as is possible considering the heat being used. It has 5 heat settings ranging from 140-450° F. I typically use either the 370° F or 450° F settings. It takes about a minute or two to heat up, which I think is more than reasonable. I also like that the exterior of the plates, the side your fingers might touch when you're straightening, doesn't get too hot so I'm not afraid of burning myself. Also, unlike most of the flat irons I've used in the past, I've never experienced any tugging as I run it through the sections of hair.

Considering the length of my hair, I love the size of this. I think 1.5" is perfect because it covers more area and allows for quicker straightening sessions without being obnoxiously big and bulky like a 2" flat iron I used to own back in the day. My only qualm about the size is that it's a bit too big to be able to run through my bangs :(

I find that I rarely have to pass over a section of hair more than once and I'm able to straighten my hair in less than 5 minutes (keep in mind, my hair is basically straight to begin with but just needs perfecting), and this flat iron leaves my hair feeling really smooth and silky which I love.

Here, I straightened my hair for my birthday back in August :)

I had never heard of the brand Hana, but if my iron is any indication of the quality of their other products, I'm thoroughly impressed. The only thing I'm not impressed with is the price. This iron normally retails for $240, but is available for $180 on Misikko.com. Great discount, but still not affordable for most people, including myself. Obviously, I love my iron and am extremely grateful I got the opportunity to try it, but I would never be able to afford it on my own. It's hard for me to say whether or not it's really worth the money, since that's really a relative term, but for someone with mostly straight and manageable hair like mine, I'd probably say no. For someone with unruly curls who has struggled with achieving smooth and straight hair from the more affordable drugstore straighteners in the past, maybe.

They do offer quite the selection of other flat irons as well, some more affordable than mine, while others not so much, in case you are interested in shopping around. (They're not affiliate links, by the way!)

What hair tools do you ladies rely on? Do you believe in "high-end" hair products or is the drugstore enough for you?

Disclaimer: The Hana flat iron was sent to me free of charge for review purposes only. I am not affiliated with Hana or Misikko, nor am I getting paid for mentioning it on my blog. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and based solely on my own experience with the product.


Favorites From the Past Few Weeks & Months ❤

With the Sephora VIB sale right around the corner (November 8th-12th) and considering I haven't written a favorites post in ages, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone (hate that expression!) and talk about some of the things I've been using, loving, and obsessed with, and if any of these products that are available at Sephora also happen to find their way into your shopping basket, cough cough, LORAC Pro Palette, then so be it ;)

Clockwise from bottom left:
NARS Blush in Sin
LORAC Pro Palette
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara
Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait
Buxom Full-Bodied Lipgloss in Mwah
Dior Addict Lipstick in Singuliere
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black
NARS Blush in Luster
Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream with Clary Sage
MAC Tendertone in Hot 'n' Saucy

NARS Sin blush is a must-have to transition from fall into winter. It's a berry plum with gold shimmer that leans much more pink (and less scary purple) once applied to my cheeks. It is fantastic at faking the look of having just taken a walk on a chilly fall evening. NARS Luster is another favorite of mine, but for a completely different reason. The shimmery peachy golden shade just goes with everything. It's a blush that I've seen and swatched so many times without any desire whatsoever to purchase, but after seeing it on Nikki in this video, I was sold. With both Sin and Luster, I'll admit the swatches aren't the most thrilling, but trust me: try it on your cheeks and you will fall in love! Most likely anyway ;)

L to R:
NARS Luster
MAC Hot 'n' Saucy
Revlon Peach Parfait
Dior Singuliere
Buxom Mwah

As far as lip products are concerned, I've still been loving MAC Media dabbed onto my lips as a stain, but it's M.I.A. at the mo, so I couldn't include it in this post :(  Luckily, I've also been obsessed with a few other products like Revlon Peach Parfait (lip swatch here), Dior Singuliere (contemplating buying a back-up during Sephora's VIB sale! Swatched on the lips here), Buxom Mwah (LOVE Buxom glosses! Mwah kind of reminds me of sheer NARS Sin in lipgloss form), and MAC Hot 'n' Saucy (sheer wash of red, limited edition, strawberry-kiwi goodness).

I've been using my Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner a ton this month because I love me a good cat eye, and this one makes it so quick, easy, precise, jet black, and long-lasting :) I also wanted to mention that my current favorite mascara (and possibly of all-time) is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara. Surprisingly, I learned after reading the reviews for this on Sephora that I may be the only one that actually likes this :-/ For my lashes, it's incredibly volumizing and long-lasting, but most importantly, it enhances the curl created from my eyelash curler and holds it all day. Seriously. Let me know if you'd like a review :)

My last two favorites are the LORAC Pro Palette (review!), which I can honestly say I love more than my Urban Decay Naked Palette and would highly recommend, and the Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream, which I reviewed here with the Day Lotion. I've been enjoying both the night cream and day lotion, but the night cream is definitely the stand out for me.

I also just wanted to quickly apologize for the lighting in my pictures recently. I have virtually no natural light that comes into my apartment, so I'm not really able to take photos in natural daylight using my camera anymore. I'm figuring it out along the way....hope that's okay! :)

What are some of your favorites right now? And are you planning on picking anything up during the Sephora VIB sale?

Disclaimer: The Eyeko eyeliner was sent to me free of charge. I am not affiliated with this company, nor am I getting paid for mentioning it on my blog. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and based solely on my own experience with the product.

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