The Deal of the Century.

I was browsing the aisles of Ulta yesterday when I noticed this gem. I then continued to complete several, awkward (as only I would do) double-takes before confirming that yes, this was really happening.

Based on that price tag, without even knowing what the product being offered was, my instinct still would've been, "Yes, please!" I mean, a $120 value for only $29?! 

Tarte Lip Service Limited Edition LipSurgence Collection

Granted, I'm already drowning in a sea of lip products at home and weird, jumbo lip gloss/pencil thingys are the last thing I need, but this, my friends, was a gift from the makeup gods. It would've been rude not to take advantage of this gift, and I am anything but a disrespectful makeup worshipper.  *cue several other, equally embarrassingly useless excuses*

Tarte LipSurgences are these jumbo lip pencils that are somewhat of a lip balm/lip gloss/lip stick hybrid that come in 3 different formulas in the permanent range: natural lip luster (shimmery and glossy), natural lip tint (sheer and glossy), and matte lip tint (matte). This set comes with three natural lip lusters and two of the natural lip tints (so no mattes), all of which are limited edition shades as far as I'm aware.

The shades are (all shades are in the same order throughout the entire post):
Glitzy (luster)
Perky (tint)
Flashy (luster)
Swank (tint)
Dazzled (luster)

L to R:

Glitzy: rosy brown with gold shimmer

Perky: warm-toned bubblegum pink

Flashy: hot pink with pale pink shimmer

Swank: cherry red

Dazzled: sheer, coral-red with gold shimmer

Keep in mind, I have fairly pigmented lips so sheerer lip products like these tend to not look as vibrant on my lips as they do in swatches. All five would definitely appear more vibrant and true to the colors in the swatch on less pigmented lips than mine, but if you're after a super pigmented and long-lasting formula, these may not be for you. In addition, the formula feels quite moisturizing and all of them have a non-overwhelming peppermint scent. They also twist up from the base like a lipstick, rather than having to be sharpened like a real pencil. 

While I have hesitated in the past to spend the $24 for one LipSurgence, $29 for five products that are perfect, everyday, on-the-go lip products is a fantastic deal in my book, not to mention amazing stocking stuffers ;)

What are you waiting for?!


  1. must get this!!!! swank and dazzled look up my street!!! 120 for 29!!! WAT!! crazy

  2. Gorgeous! This was such a great deal! I mean, $5 more for 4 extra shades?! I haven't decided if I will keep all of mine or just keep one or two and give the others way as gifts. But I think they all look great on you!

  3. I saw this set on Ulta's website. Glad to know it's in the store. Can't wait to pick these up!

  4. I'm usually weirded out by lip pencil type things but your post has mademe want to run to the store as soon as possible and pick these up!

  5. That's a great deal you scored! I love your lip swatches, they look amazing!

  6. I picked these up at Sephora last week as I already wanted to try them out and the great deal was irresistible :P They swatch so pigmented on your arms! They look incredibly sheer on my hand for some reason but really bright on my lips.... Swank looks like a bright red lipstick on my lips haha. I feel like these act a lot like lipstains and while I like that they leave a tint on my lips, they can also change color. I applied Perky on my lips one day and it looked pretty much clear when I applied it. A few hours later, I looked in the mirror and my lips were a matte, bright cool toned pink which looked almost scary because the shine wore away. I was at work and it was a pretty unflattering look :/ So be warned haha. Please let me know if that color change also happens to you!

  7. that's ana amazing deal! I think I'm going to try to pick this up during the Sephora F&F sale if there is one soon. :D

  8. JessicaGettingCheekyOctober 11, 2011 at 7:07 PM

    This boxed set better be available when my no buy is over. I'm more than half way done and SEVERELY tempted by this set. The stocking stuffer idea is brilliant: I may buy two and use one set as gifts!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. This is a deal. Thanks for the post

  10. No way!!! I cannot believe my eyes, this is seriously the best deal of the century - woahhh guess who is hitting up Ulta first thing in the morning tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this amazing deal with the rest of us makeup addicts :) Gorgeous swatches as always! <3

  11. Socking stuffers??? I hope you've got a direct line to Santa on my behalf. ;-)

  12. wow! that was really great deal!

  13. oh wow, great deal! thanks for posting! and helping support my unhealthy addiction to lip products! ;)

  14. Such a great deal! Love those things!

  15. wow that is a great deal! I was looking to check out these pencils anyway, so why not? =)

  16. I really like Dazzeled! I just awarded your blog the Versatile Blogger award!
    Check out my post if you need the details- http://seventhingsbeauty.blogspot.com/2011/10/versatile-blogger-award.html

  17. Awesome deal! I love a chubby pencil! :)


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