Blogger Interrogation 2.0: Lil Lady's Life

This is the first Blogger Interrogation 2.0 post, aka Blogger Interrogation but with (almost) all-new questions! Yay!

The blogger:  Julie

The blog: Lil Lady's Life

Who/What blog(s)/ YouTube channel(s) inspired you to start blogging?
I was pretty obsessed with the YouTube channel Fuzkittie and her blog! I admired her so much because she blogged pretty much every single day and had videos up so regularly. I would go back and re read all those posts often! She doesn't update her blog anymore only on her FB.

What are your 3 favorite blogs of the moment? 
I just recently have discovered the blog Veronica’s Blushing! It’s not 100% make up focused. My favorite blogs seem to be more life focused with women who post recipes, share gym schedules, but happen to love beauty and fashion too. Verionica’s fit’s the bill!

Two new recent obsession blogs are Fashion Toast and Into the Gloss. Fashion Toast is a girl  has RIDICULOUSLY amazing style, and a face that makes her look like she belongs in a Marc Jacobs ad in every post.

Into the Gloss is another recent new obsession. They don't post too often but each post makes me want to click click click! I especially love their Top shelf category and The Face category.

Sneak peak and insight into some behind the scenes beauty secrets of real life women

What colors do you tend to gravitate towards, in terms of makeup?
Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals ! I do have some wild colors in my collections but they get nearly as much love as my neutral make up. I hate looking like I have too much going on.

Name one (or a few) products you like to use, despite knowing it’s probably not the most flattering on you. 
For Skin Care I like to use Mario Badescu’s drying lotion at night, which has calamine in it, so I end up sleeping with a face full of pink dots! like I have the chicken pox again – uber attractive

Name one limited edition item you wish would become permanent.
Bobbi Brown Shimmer nudes Palette, I lost my chance to purchase this and it seems like something I would love to buy over and over again!

Name one makeup item that would make you burst into tears immediately if it was dropped on the floor and shattered into a million pieces.
My  MAC’s Candle light MSF!!!! I would desperately try to repress this immediately or crush it into a pigment! I would use everything in my book to try to save it! Would not give up!! If all else fails, I would *gulp* resort to ebay

What is your favorite YouTube channel (beauty-related or not)?
WOW, this is so hard! I am subscribed to SO many people! I actually have really been enjoying a semi new channel called Annie’s Beauty Life. She seems like a very real person, genuine, and for that she seems incredibly beautiful to me as a person. She has channel with mainly beauty and some diet tips, but she also has inspirational videos about keeping your life focused on the more important things in life, and not the little things. Her “About Me” video was incredibly interesting, as she has lived in many places in world, and is currently living in NYC *woot woot* Yay to my city girls

Name one of your favorite beauty products under $10.
I’m torn between two things, but I have to say Milani Luminoso blush. I have A LOT of blush, some of them admitingly were more money than they’re worth, but I have been showing the most love to Luminoso which is under 10 dollars! When I realized how good it was, I was ready to chuck half my blush collection out the window

Name one of your favorite beauty products over $10.
Current favorite beauty product of the moment over 10 dollars is Dior’s Rose Diamond. No one talks about this?! I have no idea why! I use it as a blush and highlight, and it gives the most refined glow. It also shimmers in the sun a mix of silver, lilac, and blue. I mean… how pretty does that sound???

Please link us to your favorite post.
My favorite post is something I wrote LONG ago, and I doubt most of my followers even knew I had written.  My one and only DIY post. I am linking this because I think it’s one of the my most clear posts that may help several people!

Thank you to Julie for letting us interrogate her! 

From here on out, I'll most likely only be posting BI posts every other week, so that means I'll only be taking a few volunteers at a time (I don't like to have BI posts lined up for more than a few weeks at a time; otherwise, it just gets too hectic). If you wouldn’t mind being interrogated, shoot me an email at willworkformakeup@hotmail.com.

Edit: I have enough volunteers for now. Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in being interrogated. I will respond to your emails later today :)


  1. i really enjoy blogger interrogation posts - great questions and so much fun! must check out the MAC MSF in Candle Light and Dior Rose Diamond!! thanks for sharing loves xo

  2. Yay I love blogger interrogations! The new questions are really interesting too :) 

  3. WOW it's crazy to see my picture so HUGE hahaha
    Thanks so much for interrogating me!!!! You know how much I absolutely love your blog and see you are getting close to TWO THOUSAND!!!! WELL DESERVED!!! Thanks so much for interrogating me!!!! it was pretty fun!!!!! 

  4. I'm loving these questions.  I am going to participate as well.  I can't wait for more questions!

  5. Love the new questions! I'm always a fan of these posts - they're so interesting and usually I either already follow the blogger or *yay!* find someone new :)

  6. This is so neat! :) I love the new questions <3

  7. I love these new questions!

  8. I like the new format/questions! AND I LOVE Julie and her blog. One of my top favorite people in general I have met through twitter/blogging. ;)

  9. I like Julie's blog too!:) And her response to comments are always helpful and sincere:) Thanks and keep it up!

  10. I love reading these on people's blogs. It's always fun to discover new blogs to read this way.

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