Hair, Lips, and Cheeks.

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I've always thought of the idea of using "eco-friendly" beauty products in the same way I think of vegetarianism: it's nice and we'd all like to do it, but we're not always ready or willing to give up foods, products, etc. that we love, despite knowing all the "trouble" it took to get made and/or the side effects it could have on our bodies.

For example, when a friend in elementary school told me that Pantene used furniture wax (I have no idea where that came from) in their products, I turned the other ear because I loved Pantene. Their shampoos and conditioners gave me the softest, detangliest (yes, I just typed that) hair ever, and that's all I wanted and cared about when it came to hair products. To this day, I still use Pantene and I don't care who knows! ;)

I'm always willing to try new things, though...
Madre Labs Moisturizing Shampoo in Strawberry Oasis
Madre Labs Moisturizing Conditioner in Strawberry Oasis
Aussie 3-Minute Miracle
CHI Iron Guard
Moroccan Oil

I was sent a few Madre Labs products from iHerb.com and have been slowly testing a few products out at a time. They're all "No, No, No's" products, which means they do not contain any sulfates, parabens, dyes, animal ingredients, or involve animal testing. They also come in eco-friendly packaging and contain biodegradable ingredients. Like I said before, these were never things I'd go out of my way to look for in a shampoo or conditioner before, but since I was offered the opportunity to test out the products, what did I have to lose, right?

Both the Madre Labs shampoo and conditioner smell amazing - like strawberry fruit roll-ups :) The scent doesn't tend to linger long after, though, so I always try to enjoy it while I can while I'm in the shower. 

I find shampoos to be a difficult product to review. I mean, how much is there to say really? With the Moisturizing Shampoo, my hair feels clean afterwards but not parched, and my only qualm would be that it takes more shampoo than usual to achieve the same amount of lather. I can't complain too much, though, as I've heard that most other sulfate-free shampoos don't lather at all, and I'm a girl who loves her lather!

The Moisturizing Conditioner is super thick and really moisturizing. I would definitely say that it is more moisturizing than pretty much all of the drugstore conditioners I've tried (I only ever use drugstore shampoos and conditioner, by the way)! Both the shampoo and conditioner are currently on sale for between $8-11, so they're a bit pricier than drugstore products but definitely still affordable.

Madre Labs products are only available at iHerb.com, in case you're interested. I have a few more products to test out, and I'll review those in separate posts, so keep your eyes peeled!

The other 3 hair products in there are just ones that I've been loving at the moment:
:: Aussie 3-Minute Miracle :: I use this in place of conditioner every other time I wash my hair, and I couldn't imagine life without it. It's one of the most amazing hair deep treatments ever, and the coconut smell lingers forever!

:: CHI Iron Guard :: I spray this onto dry hair and comb through to distribute evenly, and once it's dry, I go to town with hair straighteners and curling irons! I kid, I kid...but not really. I try to use heat on my hair in moderation, but when I do, I always try to use heat protectant first. This one also has an odd, manly cologne smell to it that I love :)

:: Moroccan Oil :: I slather about a dime/nickel sized amount of this to the bottom half of my hair when it's still damp. My hair dries significantly faster (whether air dried or blow dried) with it on, and it leaves my hair feeling silky soft afterwards.

In other news, I may or may not have gone a little lip balm crazy while experiencing an annoying bout of dry lips:
C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm
C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm
C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Ginger Tinted Lip Balm
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Natural Mint & Shea Butter

My super-quick-and-not-very-thorough-at-all first thoughts:
:: My Favorite Night Balm :: Smells slightly vanilla-ish, tastes delicious (don't ask me why I know), and has a really nice, moisturizing, thick consistency that stays on all through the night...in other words, AMAZING!

:: Lemon & Strawberry and Lemon & Ginger :: Both are really moisturizing, although they don't stay on very long, and the pink and "life nude" (as opposed to "lifeless nude" aka corpse lips) tints, respectively, are super effortless, easy, and flattering. They also smell (and taste) fab!

:: Jack Black :: It's smells nice and minty and provides good moisturization, but is it amazing enough to warrant all the raves? I'm not so sure yet.

And last but not least, it's not new but I've re-fallen in love with it this week and figured it deserved a mention on the good ol' blog:
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy 
(see swatch here)

See? I'm not dead! Just busy...hence the lack-o-brows. I'm wearing Tipsy blush and the Lemon & Ginger tinted lip balm, by the way :)

Disclaimer: The shampoo and conditioner were sent to me free of charge for review purposes only. I am not affiliated with either companies, nor am I getting paid for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and based solely on my own experience with the products.

What are some of your hair care staples? What about a few lip balm favorites?


Blogger Interrogation 2.0: Beauty Down Under

The blogger: Hannah

Who/What blog(s)/ YouTube channel(s) inspired you to start blogging? 
I only recently started becoming obsessed with makeup and when I discovered makeup tutorials on youtube my interest skyrocketed. From youtube I started reading blogs and before I knew it I had one of my own :) The blog that really inspired me to start blogging was Makeup and Macaroons, it’s author Lilit is Australian like me, which is what drew me to push that follow button for the first time :)

What are your 3 favorite blogs of the moment? 
Keeping Up with Me has been a fave of mine for a while now and its author Tara is really sweet. She’s also an Aussie and has convinced me to finally order the Beauty Blender. 

Another fave is Rach from So Hi whose post on being a kind blogger convinced me to join the Kind Bloggers Network. If you have a blog be sure to join :)

Last but certainly not least is Stefy from Britese. This girl is stunning and always has great photos!

What colors do you tend to gravitate towards, in terms of makeup? 
I used to be all about very colourful makeup and could often be seen sporting bright purple eyeshadow from lid to brow bone but now as I have gotten older (and a lot wiser) I gravitate more towards neutral colours.

Name one (or a few) products you like to use, despite knowing it’s probably not the most flattering on you. 
I would say probably bronzer. I am so pale I’m pretty much translucent...so I probably should lay off the Nars Laguna a bit more than I do. But hey who doesn’t want to look like a bronzed goddess?? (I’ve got a bit of Adriana Lima envy!) 

Name one limited edition item you wish would become permanent. 
I have a confession to make here. I don’t think I actually own any limited edition products (yet). I don’t tend to get sucked into different collections, I think it’s because I am not a huge MAC girl. But if I had to choose something it would be anything limited edition by Nars because to me they can do no wrong. 

Name one makeup item that would make you burst into tears immediately if it was dropped on the floor and shattered into a million pieces. 
For sure my Dior Amber Diamond. Not only because it set me back a small fortune but also because it is just so damn beautiful. Tiffany’s ravings about it actually convinced me to buy it in the end. 

What is your favorite YouTube channel (beauty-related or not)? 
Would have to be Pixiwoo wouldn’t it? I mean look at this come on? Incredible! A lesser-known guru I love is Nikki who’s an aspiring makeup artist. Her eye looks are so pretty and tutorials are really easy to follow. 

Name one of your favorite beauty products under $10 (ideally drugstore). 
Finding a beauty product for under $10 in Australia is quite a feat! But I would have to say it’s my Australis cream blusher in Flirtatious Pink. $9.95 for a cream blush with a similar texture to Nars and a beautiful colour can’t get much better than that! I review it here.

Name one of your favorite beauty products over $10 (ideally non-drugstore). 
I am a huge sucker for packaging and even more so when I love the product it contains. So I would have to say Urban Decay eye-shadow palettes. I currently own 3; The Vegan Palette, The Ammo Palette and of course the Naked Palette. They are great value for the price and because of the added extras I am never short of primer potion :) The Naked Palette is my fave of the 3.

Please link us to your favorite post. 
Apart from my post about my fur baby Handsome Rob it would probably be my post about my Holy Grail beauty items because it got a really good response from my readers :)

Thank you to Hannah for letting us interrogate her! 

I'm not taking any new volunteers for Blogger Interrogation at the moment, but I will definitely let you all know when I am :)



:: three :: I found a cute copper/silver heart ring at a local arts and crafts market for $10, and I've been wearing that silver bead bracelet & silver watch combo all day, every day :)

:: two :: What I've been wearing on my face for the past week (no eyeshadow or eyeliner! *gasp*) -
The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer in Linen
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Sand (I'm almost done with it!)
Dior Matte Bronzer in 002 Honey Matte
Benefit Sugarbomb
Dior Amber Diamond (only when I have extra time)
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara (to stop Voluminous from smudging -_-)

And my lips have been super dry ever since I moved, so I've been slathering on lip balm after lip balm in lieu of lipsticks or lipglosses. The balms I've been wearing most are Aquafina lip balm and Carmex Moisture Plus Tint in Pink.

:: one :: And, last but not least, I got tatted up today ;)

And in case you haven't noticed, I've been blogging a lot less lately than I normally do. I just started school and have been super, super busy, and I'm afraid that my days of blogging 20+ times a month may be long gone. I promise I'll blog as often as I can, but school comes first, so that may mean that from now on, I'll only blog twice a week or so. Thanks for understanding :) 

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! :D


The Different Shades of Taupe.

Taupe has been my eye makeup color of choice as of late, and it's no secret that it's also a consistent favorite among many a makeup lover. Unlike pretty much everyone else on the planet, though, I do not own MAC Satin Taupe, nor have I ever tried it. What are your thoughts on it, by the way - is it a must-have? Let me know, please :)

Too Faced Like a Virgin (top) and Urban Decay Mushroom

I have Like a Virgin from the Too Faced Eye Love palette, which was a recent Sephora 500-point perk, but it's originally from their Naked Eye palette. It's a slightly plummy, grey-taupe, and it's the only matte taupe in my collection. Mushroom is from my UD Alice in Wonderland palette and is a silvery, pewter-taupe.

Clockwise from left:
Wet n Wild "Eyelid" shade from Silent Treatment palette
Benefit Where There's Smoke
Wet n Wild Nutty

The taupe from the Silent Treatment palette is silvery, purple-taupe, while Where There's Smoke is a pewter-taupe, but with a bit more of a brownish-green tone to it, as opposed to UD Mushroom, which is more silvery. Nutty is a brown-taupe.

Jouer creme eyeshadow in Cashmere (left) and Sephora Jumbo Liner in Taupe

Cashmere (previously reviewed here) is a golden, brown-taupe, and Taupe (discussed in further detail here) is metallic, brown-taupe that has a similar sheen to the "eyelid" shade in the WnW Silent Treatment palette, though the WnW shade is much more purple-toned.

Left to right:
TF Like a Virgin
UD Mushroom
WnW Silent Treatment "Eyelid" shade
Benefit Where There's Smoke
WnW Nutty
Jouer Cashmere
Sephora Taupe

All of the powder taupe eyeshadows, with the exception of Too Faced Like a Virgin, have excellent pigmentation and wear beautifully on the eyelids, especially when used over primer (I use UDPP). 

I'd say the one that stands out to me the most, in terms of both shade and quality, is Benefit Where There's Smoke. The color is absolutely gorgeous and it lasts all day on me without any fading or creasing whatsoever. 

Too Faced Like a Virgin is nice, but it suffers from much the same fate as other matte eyeshadows before it, in that it can sometimes apply a bit patchy and slightly chalky. It's not terrible by any means - it's just not as smooth as the other, non-matte taupes.

As for the cream and the pencil taupes, I've linked two posts above where I talked about those in more detail, so check those out if you're interested.

I have my beady little eye on Le Metier de Beaute Corinthian (supposedly the taupe of all taupes), but I have a feeling that's one taupe that may end up just keeping a permanent spot on my wishlist. I actually ordered it a few months ago when it was on backorder, but when I found out it wasn't going to be available for at least 2 months, I cancelled my order. Who in the world has the patience for that?! And let's not forget it costs $30 for a single eyeshadow o_0

Are you a taupe fan? What's your favorite taupe eyeshadow?


Blogger Interrogation 2.0: Lil Lady's Life

This is the first Blogger Interrogation 2.0 post, aka Blogger Interrogation but with (almost) all-new questions! Yay!

The blogger:  Julie

The blog: Lil Lady's Life

Who/What blog(s)/ YouTube channel(s) inspired you to start blogging?
I was pretty obsessed with the YouTube channel Fuzkittie and her blog! I admired her so much because she blogged pretty much every single day and had videos up so regularly. I would go back and re read all those posts often! She doesn't update her blog anymore only on her FB.

What are your 3 favorite blogs of the moment? 
I just recently have discovered the blog Veronica’s Blushing! It’s not 100% make up focused. My favorite blogs seem to be more life focused with women who post recipes, share gym schedules, but happen to love beauty and fashion too. Verionica’s fit’s the bill!

Two new recent obsession blogs are Fashion Toast and Into the Gloss. Fashion Toast is a girl  has RIDICULOUSLY amazing style, and a face that makes her look like she belongs in a Marc Jacobs ad in every post.

Into the Gloss is another recent new obsession. They don't post too often but each post makes me want to click click click! I especially love their Top shelf category and The Face category.

Sneak peak and insight into some behind the scenes beauty secrets of real life women

What colors do you tend to gravitate towards, in terms of makeup?
Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals ! I do have some wild colors in my collections but they get nearly as much love as my neutral make up. I hate looking like I have too much going on.

Name one (or a few) products you like to use, despite knowing it’s probably not the most flattering on you. 
For Skin Care I like to use Mario Badescu’s drying lotion at night, which has calamine in it, so I end up sleeping with a face full of pink dots! like I have the chicken pox again – uber attractive

Name one limited edition item you wish would become permanent.
Bobbi Brown Shimmer nudes Palette, I lost my chance to purchase this and it seems like something I would love to buy over and over again!

Name one makeup item that would make you burst into tears immediately if it was dropped on the floor and shattered into a million pieces.
My  MAC’s Candle light MSF!!!! I would desperately try to repress this immediately or crush it into a pigment! I would use everything in my book to try to save it! Would not give up!! If all else fails, I would *gulp* resort to ebay

What is your favorite YouTube channel (beauty-related or not)?
WOW, this is so hard! I am subscribed to SO many people! I actually have really been enjoying a semi new channel called Annie’s Beauty Life. She seems like a very real person, genuine, and for that she seems incredibly beautiful to me as a person. She has channel with mainly beauty and some diet tips, but she also has inspirational videos about keeping your life focused on the more important things in life, and not the little things. Her “About Me” video was incredibly interesting, as she has lived in many places in world, and is currently living in NYC *woot woot* Yay to my city girls

Name one of your favorite beauty products under $10.
I’m torn between two things, but I have to say Milani Luminoso blush. I have A LOT of blush, some of them admitingly were more money than they’re worth, but I have been showing the most love to Luminoso which is under 10 dollars! When I realized how good it was, I was ready to chuck half my blush collection out the window

Name one of your favorite beauty products over $10.
Current favorite beauty product of the moment over 10 dollars is Dior’s Rose Diamond. No one talks about this?! I have no idea why! I use it as a blush and highlight, and it gives the most refined glow. It also shimmers in the sun a mix of silver, lilac, and blue. I mean… how pretty does that sound???

Please link us to your favorite post.
My favorite post is something I wrote LONG ago, and I doubt most of my followers even knew I had written.  My one and only DIY post. I am linking this because I think it’s one of the my most clear posts that may help several people!

Thank you to Julie for letting us interrogate her! 

From here on out, I'll most likely only be posting BI posts every other week, so that means I'll only be taking a few volunteers at a time (I don't like to have BI posts lined up for more than a few weeks at a time; otherwise, it just gets too hectic). If you wouldn’t mind being interrogated, shoot me an email at willworkformakeup@hotmail.com.

Edit: I have enough volunteers for now. Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in being interrogated. I will respond to your emails later today :)


Relocation Woes + Smiles.

I made it (!!), although not without a few troubles:

Relocation Woes

I was naive/stupid and thought that it'd be okay to throw my perfumes into my bag of lipsticks, which I brought in the car with me instead of shipping it. I was wrong. Marc Jacobs decided it wanted to make its mark on my lipstick collection by dumping nearly half of its contents into the bag...it's still a touchy subject for me 

Nearly all of my lipstick cases are melted and ruined from the alcohol from the perfume, the actual lipsticks were all wet with perfume, and perfume also got deep inside the bullets under the actual lipsticks. Here they all are, drying off...I'm hoping the perfume will eventually evaporate out from inside the bullets. (P.S. Then, this morning, when my mom decided she wanted to pick one up to look at it, all of the others got knocked off and fell to the carpet. I almost cried.)

This is what Marc Jacobs did to my limited edition MAC Ever Hip lipstick :(

And now onto the Relocation Smiles :)

I'm in love with my new dresser with matching mirror...it's new to me, anyway ;) I scored it for only $70 off of Craigslist!

Green thumb alert: meet my first plant :D Isn't he cute?

And a more literal smile:

MUFE F&B foundation in #20
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Dior Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer in 002 Beige
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Sand
Benefit Hoola
Milani blush in Luminoso

Carmex tinted lip balm in Pink

Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil in Taupe (lid)
MAC e/s in Hocus Pocus (outer corner)
Milani Liquif'Eye pencil in Black
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara
Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara

Three things:
1. To my old followers, thanks so much for hanging in there!
2. To my new followers, hello!
3. I hope you all have a fabulous day :)

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