Blogger Interrogation: The Beauty Bite

The blogger: Laura

The blogThe Beauty Bite 

What is the first blog you remember following?
 The very first blog I ever remember following with an incredibly weird pop culture site called BestWorst which mainly consisted of surreal drawings featuring Britney Spears wearing hats. When it comes to beauty though the site that initially got me hooked was British Beauty Blogger. It completely blew my mind being able to see visuals of products that weren't available to buy for another 6 months - WHO KNEW!? 

What is the last blog you followed? 
Heather Does Make Up - beautiful girl, beautiful products, beautiful tutorials, beautiful blog! 

Without checking, how many lipsticks do you think you own? 
I think about 20? 

How many do you really own?
 Oh My. You know that number I just said above? Times it by like 2 and then add 7. 

You can only use 3 makeup products for the rest of your life. Which ones will they be? 
I'm a pretty natural girl when it comes to my daily look so I guess it'd have to be quite a boring selection of simple, subtle items such as tinted moisturiser, a volumizing mascara and a pearly white liquid highlighter. The base and illuminator would both be Becca and I guess for the eyes I'd have to clump for old faithful itself, YSL Faux Cils.

 You have to get rid of 3 of your makeup products right now. Which ones will they be?
 Easy! My UNE cream blush - not a big fan of the colour OR texture. 

Rimmel True Match Gel Foundation - In general there's absolutely nothing wrong with this product, but if I don't completely dig a foundation then I really hate having to work my way through the pot. 

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara - I find this product so boring to use. It gives pretty decent wear but it just doesn't pack any kind of punch. 

What is your best makeup tip? 
Mix together a small amount of liquid illuminator and foundation on the back of your hand then apply to the cheeks, forehead and chin using a large bronzing brush. It gives the most delicious dewy effect, perfect for faking that I've-Just-Had-10-Hours-Sleep-And-Only-Eat-Healthy-Food glow. 

What is your makeup pet peeve? 
Sales Assistants who don't recommend the right foundation for the client's skin. I get so frustrated when I see people with sensitive, oily or dry complexions being sold bases that contain all the right ingredients to REALLY aggravate the problem. Not only is it unfair on the consumer but if they have a bad reaction to the product they'll almost never go back to that brand, even if they do sell the perfect base for their needs! 

What is the worst makeup crime you’ve ever committed? 
When I was 15 years old I became a little bit obsessed with this dramatic red L'Oreal lipstick. I hadn't quiet grasped the 'less is more' mantra and ended up teaming it repeatedly with heavy lined eyes, fakes lashes, heaps of blusher and a £3 foundation that was literally 2 shades too dark for me. No wonder I never had a boyfriend. 

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you? 
I used to be friends with Harry Potter's hand double - I only hang with the A-list, people! 

Please link us to your favorite post. 
I think it would have to be the Nars Douceur Blush post - an easily forgotten shade but so, so pretty to wear! 

  Thank you to Laura for letting us interrogate her!

For those who are still interested in taking part in the series, there will be all new questions starting with the next Blogger Interrogation post, and I'll also be taking new volunteers when the next post goes up - probably either next week or the week after. As always, I'll keep you updated as to what to do at the end of that post :)


  1. Yay Laura! Been following the Beauty Bite for a while now, congrats on the interrogation!

  2. I love Laura's blog.. She always has something good to review!

  3. love her blog, and her responses were great =)

  4. I kinda sorta love this woman.  Great interview! :)

  5. Love her responses and not gonna gonna lie, "No wonder I never had a boyfriend." made me LOL 


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