My Leopard Z.

This little guy beats a MAC quad any day if only it weren't for the price.

This is the small Z Palette in the leopard print (obviously). It's made of sturdy cardboard and measures 3.8" x 3.8", while a MAC quad is plastic and measures 3" x 3". I don't have my MAC quad (mine was the old version, by the way) anymore because the hinge cracked then broke off a short while later so it was a goner, but I remember thinking I would never buy another one because it broke just sitting in my makeup drawer, never being carried around or anything - talk about delicate!

Although it's cardboard, my Z Palette feels really sturdy and well-made, and the magnet that keeps the lid closed and the one that holds the pans in place are both really strong as well. The clear plastic "window" is also quite firm and not flimsy or cheap feeling at all. I'm sure in time it'll show some wear and tear (especially around the corners) since it's made of cardboard, but to be fair, my plastic MAC quad didn't really hold up well either. I have no doubt my Z Palette will be able to withstand the test of time much longer than my MAC quad did.

It can hold 9 MAC eyeshadows.

It can also hold 5 MAC eyeshadows and 1 MAC blush. This is the main reason I wanted it, because in the off-chance that I want to travel light (like really light!), I like that I can have everything I need in terms of eyeshadow and blush in one, small palette rather than having to carry around a full-size MAC palette or large Z Palette. I've never taken the divider out of my MAC quad so I'm not sure how many eyeshadows it can hold in addition to a blush, but I'd bet money it's not 5.

Like I mentioned above, my only criticism of this baby is the price - it'll set you back $14 while a MAC quad costs a mere $6. In this case, though, I'm more than willing to fork over the extra $8 for cuteness, quality, and size :)

What's your favorite palette to use to carry eyeshadows/blushes in when travelling? 


  1. I've been contemplating the leopard Z palette for a while now, I just bought a 15 pan MAC palette but as you said, a small is perfect for travelling. I think that the 4 pan MAC palettes look cheap...I like the idea of being able to take a blush along inside one of these!
    Thanks for giving me the idea

  2. I just bought Z palette in a large size cuz' the mac ones are the same price here. And you can get many different shapes of eyeshadow in it :)

  3. I really need to see how these feel in person (there's a store an hour away that sells them), since they seem much better than MAC Palettes. I always heard YT gurus say that MAC palettes were well made and that the Coastal Scents ones were flimsy, but I think my MAC palette is almost as flimsy :|

  4. i saw these somewhere ages ago and thought they were a really good idea. so cute too! i love the pink and zebra ones xxx

  5. The new MAC quads are so much better than the old ones, but I think these Z Palettes are more practical. I personally prefer the MAC ones just because they look so sleek and sophisticated, but I really wanna try one of these. It sounds perfect for a weekend away :) xx

  6. I have the large z-palette and love it too! They are soo so sturdy so much better than mac and way cuter!! nice post


  7. I can't help but wonder how much the Z-Palette makers are making off of this XD The only thing that's stopping me from purchasing one is the price :/ I'm surprised that your Mac palette broke so easily! I would assume it would be sturdier!

  8. I use the old school MAC 4 pan palette still, I prefer it over the new one because those seems a lot heavier to me, which defeat the purpose of being travel friendly. I looked into z palette, but the cost turned me off, plus not knowing really where to get it. I like the leopard print though, that's the one that I would get too! :)

  9. I love my Zpalettes! They are cute and I love the window in them. With my MAC quad it does have a window, but the large ones don't and it's such a hassle to tell which one holds what because they all look the same. More zPalettes are on my list now!

  10. @emmabovary: No problem! I love the fact that I can fit a blush in with my eyeshadows!

    @Passing fancy: Lucky! If Z Palettes and MAC palettes were the same price here, I wouldn't even think twice about it and would just go with the Z Palettes all the way!

    @Silhouette Screams: You should definitely go check them out and I personally don't think MAC palettes are all the great, especially the 4 pan ones.

    @tamara lily: Me too!

    @Sophie: I agree about the sleekness of the MAC quads...I think the newer one looks nicer than the older one too, but I just really love my Z Palette now that I don't think I'd go back to MAC!

    @Hannah: Thank you :)

    @AngelicBetrayal: I know, right? It's IS just cardboard after all...oh well ;)

    @Justine: I got mine from Beauty.com. Do they ship to Canada?

    @Danielle: Mine too! :D

  11. I just wanted to add that you can get Z-Palettes at allcosmeticswholesale.com :) I learned that from someone on Youtube ^^

  12. I've been meaning to get a small Z palette for those same reasons: it's cute and it would be an ideal little "kit" to travel with! And the price difference when compared to the MAC one isn't that dramatic, if one thinks that it can hold a lot more...! ;)


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