An Introduction to Jouer...

I first started hearing about Jouer on YouTube in various people's videos, and what intrigued me most about the brand was the simplicity - the packaging is so simple and to the point, and each product only comes in a few shades that are all equally wearable. I don't think you'd ever be able to find a neon pink lipstick or a bright orange blush from this brand.

When beauty.com was having their Friends & Family Sale a week or two ago and I was still in a celebratory mood, I decided to dabble in the brand a bit and purchase my first Jouer product, the Creme Eyeshadow in Cashmere.

I forgot to take a better picture of it, but there are tracks on the sides of the packaging that allow you to connect eyeshadows and create what is essentially a unique palette - pretty cool!

Cashmere is described as a shimmering golden taupe, and it has somewhat sheerer pigmentation and a dry, cream-to-powder finish. The product is not very creamy at all - it's even less creamy than MAC Paint Pots and also has a much thinner consistency. It seems to dry down to a powder finish almost immediately upon application.

Note: This is a heavy swatch.

Although it has a thin and dry consistency, it's still relatively easy to blend, both with fingers and a brush. Even when used over UDPP, however, I still notice fading and creasing after a few hours. It seems to fade nicely (i.e. uniformly), though, and since it's a bit on the sheerer side, the creasing isn't terribly noticeable at all.

I like Cashmere but honestly, though the color is pretty, it's by no means unique, and I don't think the actual formula of the cream eyeshadow is fantastic. I've been enjoying using Cashmere as a quick and pretty wash of color all over the lid and past the crease with just a touch of brown eyeliner and mascara on days when I can't be bothered to apply any more than that, but I have no doubt there are better cream eyeshadows out there that are more pigmented and long-lasting. Jouer Creme Eyeshadows retail for $20 (I got mine for $16) and while I'll definitely continue to enjoy and use mine, I don't think it's a must-have or worth the money, quite honestly. I still want to try their blushes, though! 

Have you dabbled in Jouer at all and if so, any must-haves I need to know about?? ;)


  1. Damn that's disappointing, cute packaging idea though!

  2. very pretty swatch! i feel the same, i bought a powder shadow, its pretty, but its not unique at all...the blush formula is very nice, quite pigmented-but same not unique colors

  3. I always see missglamorazzi on youtube raving about Jouer and I fell in love with the sleek packaging as well. Sad to hear that the creme shadow didn't live up to your expectations :/ I wish that this brand was more accessible where I could swatch everything before buying!

  4. I quite like the shade, it looks easy to wear. The formula doesn't sound amazing, but the way the blocks of shadow can connect to form a palette is such an innovative idea! Just a shame about the formula.

    & I think the first I heard about Jouer was from you on Twitter! I've not seen/heard of it in the UK.

  5. Such a pretty color, but I guess that a similar shade can be found with better quality... Love how you can create your own palate though, that's a clever idea!

  6. The color is definitely beautiful, but I agree it's not at all unique. Still, I'm very interested by this brand! Particularly their lip and cheek products ...

    ♥ Jessica


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