Wine Tasting.

I went wine tasting for the first time today for my friend's birthday, and the combination of the beautiful weather and being with good friends made it a really fun day. This is what I wore...

floral dress: Tucker at Target
lace stirrup leggings: Victoria's Secret
red patent leather flats: Steve Madden
bow necklace: this Etsy seller
gold watch: Target

I have yet to master the art of taking OOTD photos and since I hate taking photos in the mirror and I don't own a tripod, this is as good as it's going to get right now, unfortunately. You'll just have to use your imagination to piece the photos together to envision what the whole outfit would look like :)

In other news, after a L'Oreal Feria hair dye left my hair as dry as the Sahara Desert (I wasn't entirely happy with the color either), I hunted down the Garnier Nutrisse hair dye I used to use (and should've used in the first place) and re-dyed my hair. My hair is softer already - yay! I've already thrown the box away and can't remember the color, though. Sorry :(

It's pretty subtle but I like the red tinge it gives my hair.

How did you spend your Sunday?


  1. Your hair looks great, I love the outfit, especially the leggings. I'm looking for something like that at the moment.

  2. Love the necklace and the dress!

    wish i could see your makeup XD

  3. loving the print on the dress :)
    i'm sans tripod also, try just propping up your camera on a bench (or stack of books on a bench if you need more height) i've found that works quite well :P

  4. I'm going to try Garnier when I do my hair next - L'Oreal Superior Preference really dried out my ends. It possssibly had something to do with dyeing it two days in a row... but just in case! I love when dark hair has hints of red - yours looks great!

    Also, when I saw the thumbnail for your post on my Dashboard, I went "Target!" out loud. Geez, am I a Target addict or what.

  5. I love those leggings.. super adorable! Your outfit looks so cute! I like how you did your photos.. I get tired of the same old hold the camera and flash it in the mirror type pictures ;)

  6. I try the Loreal Feria too~It makes my hair super dry so I will never go back to that hair dye again!

  7. @River: Thank you! I love them so much :)

    @Jen W: I took these photos towards the end of the day and my face makeup wasn't looking very good anymore :( Don't worry - there was nothing special today :)

    @racheena: I'll try that - thank you!

    @Jessica: We love Target! :D

    @Janalyn: Thank you so much :)

    @Krystal: Thank you - that makes me feel better about taking photos like this then :)

    @DeyiMizu: It did it to your hair too? Never again!

  8. The whole outfit is gorgeous! I'm in love with those leggings! x

  9. i LOVE it!! everything :D those leggings are love at first sight. I must find it! :D


  10. You look adorable and gorgeous at the same time! I am so glad you had fun!


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