Things that have been making me smile in Blogland...

♥ MusicalHouses reviewed the new range of St.Tropez Skin Illuminators, and the Violet one made me seriously contemplate breaking my P10P so that I could buy it, but then a dear friend came to my rescue...more on that later :)

♥ One of my good friends, Jayme, opened up her Etsy shop this week and this coffee coat is so cute! I die!

♥ Jessica solidifies NARS Mounia blush's spot on my wishlist...and check out that gorgeous lip combo!

♥ I honestly don't know anyone else who could pull off a bright, multi-colored, printed maxi dress quite like Jess can. Be jealous, ladies. I am.

♥ Ebru shows us Sephora's newest 500-point perk by Tarte and I gotta say, it's looks pretty awesome! 

♥ You guys have to watch Vivianna's April Favorites video because a) she's a doll and b) this quote around 3:30, "I showed this in my What's in my Travel Makeup Bag video, and a lot of you were pretty jeal because..." I literally laughed out loud :D

 Lastly, I am IN LOVE with Alex's H&M shorts in this video!



  1. Loving this positive and happy post!

  2. I love this post! That Violet Skin Illuminator reminds me of my Illamasqua Gleam Cream (which I *think* was limited edition.. boo!). I love mixing illuminators with foundation!

    I saw that coffee "coat" (such a cute name, btw) on my blogroll today too and squealed at its adorableness.

    I think Jessica always looks amazing - she has such great features! Those cheekbones, especially.. "jeal"! (I laughed at that part in Vivianna's video too!)

    Lastly, thanks for the huge compliment! The only problem I'm going to have with that dress is picking the right bra to go with it - argh! I always want to throw a sweater over everything, but we've already had several 90+ degree days and it's only April! I'm trying to prepare my closet for the hell that is summer in Florida. :P

  3. Thanks for the mention Tiffany, pleased the video made you smile :) Totally agree about Jessica, that blush/lip combo looks stunning! xx

  4. Tiffany this post gave me warm fuzzies! Thank you so much for the mention :)

    Not only do I now want the St. Tropez Skin Illuminator (which to me looks like a much more subtle version of NARS's new offerings), but I totally impulse bought a coffee coat! Those are so adorable!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. i laughted out loud during that part too about stero rose hehe

  6. @River: Thank you :D

    @dontcallmejessie: Why not just a strapless bra? And I know what you mean about wanting to put a sweater over everything! Cardigans are totally my security blanket.

    @Vivianna: No problemo! Thanks for making me laugh :D

    @Jessica: I'm so glad you bought it! She'll be super happy :)

    @Lilladylife: :D


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