Spring Wardrobe Essentials.

If my style had a season, it would most definitely be Spring.

My style is generally pretty girly and I've always loved florals, eyelets, paisley, and pastels. Here are a few things you can find me wearing this Spring:

mint green long, racerback tank :: H&M
striped tank :: T.J. Maxx

It doesn't look like it from the photo, but the mint green racerback tank is actually super cute! I'm going to tuck it into some jean shorts or floral skirts (see two photos down) this season.

peachy pink silky blazer :: Foreign Exchange
pale pink top with embroidered sleeves :: H&M

I love that blazer so much. I haven't had the chance to wear it yet, but I'm constantly admiring how cute it looks in my closet :) It fits really well and looks amazing when the sleeves are rolled up.

floral skirt on the left :: Urban Outfitters
floral skirt on the right :: Forever 21

They're both high-waisted, voluminous, mini-skirts, and I love them both so much.

lavender patent (fake) leather flats :: Gap

Super comfy! I first got a tan/nude pair and fell in love with their versatility (they can fold up and even come with a matching baggy) so I picked up this lavender pair that I talked about them few posts ago to spruce up my Spring and Summer outfits :)

silver bracelet :: random souvenir store
mint silk rosebud earrings :: Michele1218
apricot rose earrings :: Anthropologie

I like florals - what can I say?

What are your Spring wardrobe essentials? And which season best matches your style?


  1. Thanks for sharing, i want to try the GAP flats now, i hope the elasticated back won't make my feet slip! I also like the green sheer top:)

  2. I love spring clothing too, its perfect cause the fabrics get lighter but its nice that the weathers not to warm so your still comfortable.
    I cant wait to stock up on sheer blouses, their just perfect :)

  3. I love pastels and florals too!!

  4. I love the styles, patterns and colours you picked! I have to say that spring is a fav month of mine. I feel like you can finally open up your wardrobe and wear something light and fresh a great change from winter clothes. x

  5. Love everything! The colours are so gorgeous, I'm really loving peach <3 xx

  6. what lovely picks for the spring.how inspiring and colorful..

  7. I love the colour palette for your spring clothing! I should pick up some florals and cute pastels myself :)

  8. So many lovely things!:)
    I love that mint colour:)
    My spring essentials is floral print and pastel colours:)

  9. look at you, being all artsy and snapping cool photos of the shirts against the sunlight. i love it! :)

  10. i love the jewelry and i looooove the blouses! my whole wardrobe is a bunch of soft and sheer textures. Comfy and feminine, not stuffy

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that green striped shirt and those flats. Are the comfortable? I've been lusting after those GAP flats for awhile now but I've been apprehensive due to comfort reasons :)

    ♥ Jessica

  12. @EllysMakeupBag: They don't slip off of my feet at all!

    @kellyyes: Hahaha, thank you! :)

    @Jessica: They're sooo comfortable! I read some reviews online and people either loved them or they said that they fell apart after a few wears. I've worn my nude ones quite a bit and haven't noticed any signs of them falling apart anytime soon, but it's something to be aware of I guess.

  13. I'll throw caution to the wind and get some. Every time I go in to GAP I feel like they have new adorable colors and I can't resist much longer!

    Thanks Tiffany!
    ♥ Jessica

  14. I love the clothes you picked out, so pretty and girlie. I especially am crazy about the 2 floral skirts.

  15. tiffany...is the green stripy top really from h&m? i can't find it anywhere and it looks gorgeous!!

  16. @masia: No, the racerback is from H&M. The striped top is from TJ Maxx :)

  17. love the bow necklace! im obsessed with bows!

  18. Thank you - I love it too! :)


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