♥ Revisited: My Top 5 Lipsticks ♥

Today, I'm revisiting My Top 5 Lipsticks post and surprisingly enough, while I still really like the ones I chose back then, none of my favorites stayed the same.

Basically, the point of these Revisited posts will be to take a look back at my top 5 picks and see if and how they've changed or stayed the same. I don't take back anything I said about any of these products because at the time, I absolutely felt that way and loved them for reasons I discussed in those posts. Some of those products I still love (products that are still in the top 5 are denoted with an * symbol) , a few not so much, and others got pushed out of my top 5 because different products took their place.

My Top 5 Lipsticks as of August 2010 were:
MAC Angel (frost)
Edward Bess Nude Lotus
MAC Snob (satin)
Revlon Cherries in the Snow
MAC Viva Glam VI SE (lustre)

My Top 5 Lipsticks as of April 2011 are:
Chanel Rouge Allure in Genial (LE)
MAC Girl About Town (amplified)
MAC Lazy Day (lustre) (LE)
MAC Shy Girl (cremesheen)
MAC Sheen Supreme in Bare Again

Left to right:
Chanel Genial (LE)
MAC Girl About Town
MAC Lazy Day (LE)
MAC Shy Girl
MAC Bare Again

(Swatched in same order as above)

1. Chanel Genial is a funny little thing. I really don't tend to wear it all that much because the color is a bit out of my comfort zone for everyday wear, but I just love it so much anyway. Genial is an uber bright coral that borders on neon, and the Rouge Allure formula is just fantastic - smooth, comfortable, and wears really well. You can see me wearing it here.

2. MAC Girl About Town is a great going-out lipstick. I forgot how nice it was until I wore it recently in this post and unexpectedly got tons of compliments. The MAC Amplified formula is also one of my favorites because it's extremely pigmented but still very creamy.

3. MAC Lazy Day is basically my updated favorite pale pink lipstick in place of MAC Angel from my original post. MAC Lazy Day (lustre), Angel (frost), and Creme Cup (cremesheen) are all more or less the same color, but the main difference between the three lies in the formulation (see below). I chose Lazy Day because I really love the light, lustre formula the best if I had to choose, but I really do love of three of them a lot.

4. MAC Shy Girl is the newest of the five, but it wasted no time in working its way into my favorites. It's a gorgeous nudey-peach shade that goes with nearly every look. I especially love it because it gives me the effect of a 'nude' lip without washing me out. You can see a lip swatch here.

5. Last, but not least, is MAC Bare Again from the new-ish Sheen Supreme line of lipsticks. Bare Again is the only one I've tried from that range so I can't speak for all of them, but this particular lipstick has a fantastic shiny, semi-sheer coverage formula that doesn't dry out my lips at all, despite what I've read in other reviews. This shade is best described as my personal 'My Lips but Better' shade. You can see it in this FOTD.

Lazy Day, Angel, and Creme Cup comparison:
Top to bottom:
Creme Cup (cremesheen)
Angel (frost)
Lazy Day (lustre)

What are a few of your current favorite lipsticks?


  1. You should definitely wear Chanel Genial more--it looks stunning on you!
    My favs lately have been MAC Lovelorn, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Boy, MAC Play Time and MAC Impassioned.
    I love these 'top 5' posts!

  2. ooooh i've been eyeing 'girl about town' forever - just need to work up the confidence to pull it off - bc there's nothing hotter than bright pink lipstick for a night out xo

  3. Wow your top 5 totally switched up! A few favorites Im loving right now are the mark. Bare Hug, Nars Dolce Vita, Chanel Rouge Coco Secret, and MAC Candy Yum-Yum =)

  4. I don't know why I don't have Shy Girl, but it's on my list now!

  5. I want chanel genial now hehe, it looks awesome! I love my girl about town too, it's perfection.

  6. LOVE all the gorgeous colours, especially Girl About Town and Lazy Day! They look gorgeous :)

  7. Oooh great picks here! I have never heard of Lazy Day, but Lustre is my favourite MAC lipstick finish. I need to swatch it, ASAP.

  8. Mac girl about town is such a lovely pink!!!

  9. Love those and they all look amazing on you! I've been into lipgloss lately but I just got Ever Hip, Creme Cup, and Viva Glam Gaga 2 in the mail today and I'm already in love with them. Two all-time fave lippies are NARS Roman Holiday and MAC Marquise d'. =)

  10. I love your recent top 5 lipsticks. I want to try MAC Bare Again and MAC Girl About Town.

    My current favourites are MAC Jubilee and NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in Raisin. x

  11. A couple of my favorites are Angel and Snob as well BUT I have been seeing this Shy Girl pop up all over the place! Maybe she'll be replacing one of my current favorites as well. Great post!

  12. i LOVE the finish of bare again. i really want to try out the sheen supremes

  13. @Danielle: Thanks lovely! I really need to be braver and wear it more. Maybe I'll B2M for Impassioned next :D

    @faye_lu: I agree! I love how it looks but I just feel a tiny bit self-conscious because all of the focus is on my lips!

    @Janalyn: I LOVED Candy Yum-Yum based on all of the swatches I saw! Gorgeous!

    @Tracy: Let me know how you like it if you get it :)

    @EllyMakeupbag: It was limited edition, unfortunately, but I hope they bring it back one day!

    @Emily: Thanks! I love them too :)

    @Arianne: Aww, it was limited edition and came out with the Liberty of London collection :( Maybe they'll re-promote it sometime soon?

    @Kirsty: I know, right? I love it!

    @Kayla: Ever Hip is such a good one!

    @StealMyHeartLove: Ooo...I'm not sure I've ever heard of Jubilee. Will have to check it out next time :)

    @Mitz: You should totally try out Shy Girl! Let me know how you like it :)

    @kellyyes: You should! I really like mine.

  14. GENIAL, my all time favorite.. I have that one and POP. You need to try Bobbi's new rich lip color lipstick. omg they're FAB!!! I got two colors last week and in love.

  15. I love love love girl about town, such a wearable bright : D
    My current faves are angel, candy yum yum and lady danger (all from mac) xoxo

  16. I love MAC Shy Girl (cremesheen) ♥♥

  17. I'm so tempted to get Girl About Town, it's next on my hit list. My favourites at the moment are MAC Impassioned, MAC Chatterbox, Mac Up the Amp and YSL Rose Culte.

  18. I love Angel and Creme cup! Nice favourites chick :) xxx

  19. Looks like you've gone for more peachy/ coral shades than pinks this time around! 'Genial' looks amazing, but I'd probably never wear it...for some reason corals never seem to look right on me!

  20. The Chanel one looks absolutely gorgeous! I love your blog too :) xoxoxox

    your display pic is so pretty!

  21. i think i want Girl about town! its so pretty.

  22. I'm really loving Shy Girl and Bare Again :) The swatches look really pretty!

  23. hooray, mac shy girl! I adore that lipstick sososo much! <3

  24. great post! it's important to go back and see how your favorites have changed =)

  25. I need girl about town, the colour is so pretty :-)

  26. They all look lovely, especially the Chanel, Lazy Day and Shy Girl! I think I may need those. ;)

  27. oh, bare again is soooo beautiful! can you tell me what's your mac shade number? i'm a nc20.

  28. I talked about you on my blog and started a tag :) http://xxshivvyxx.blogspot.com/2011/04/7-things-and-7-blogs-tag.html

  29. Amazing list! I feel bad for missing that Chanel!! it's gorgeous! Girl abt Town is one of my fave summer colors along with impassioned ;)!!
    Currently loving Rimmel's Nude Delight, Rimmel Airy Faity with Ample Pink, MAC Sea Sheer and Ravishing

  30. i love these shades! the nudes are my favorite, but i am picking up some corals for summer! :)


  31. I LOVED reading all of your guys' current favorite lipsticks! My lipstick wishlist has doubled because of you guys :D

    @Julie: I want to try them as soon as I'm done with P10P! Which shades did you get?

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: It's not just you, believe me. Genial is almost neon too, so it can be a bit hard to wear, even more so than most corals.

    @Jessica French: Thank you so much!

    @evi: Right now, I'm about an NC25 :)

    @Shivvy: Thank you for tagging me, Shivvy! :D

  32. Yay for Lazy Day and Angel! And I NEED to get Creme Cup!!

  33. Girl about town looks amazing! <3 I've not been wearing much lipstick lately, i've been loving lipgloss instead though!


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