The Results of Project Foundation Samples.

About a month ago, I embarked on Project Foundation Samples. If you aren't familiar with what that term, it's because I never actually called it that - I just came up with it right now :) My main foundation up until that time was NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab - a good (but not great) foundation in probably my ideal Summer shade...which was an issue since it's not Summer. 

Over the course of several trips to Sephora and Nordstrom, I picked up a few samples of different foundations, in hopes that I would eventually find 'The One'Keep in mind, my skin type is very oily. It's generally normal to dry after cleansing, but it gets very oily within an hour. My main requirements in a new foundation were:

-Natural, skin-like finish. Satin finish is okay too, but I'm not really into super matte foundations.
-Good lasting power. I blot my face several times a day and if the lasting power is not good, I'll have no foundation left on my face by the end of the day.
-Easy to blend.
-Good color match. All of the foundations I have right now are too dark for me.

I used each foundation between 1-4 times, and these are only my quick, initial thoughts on most of them and not complete reviews by any means. Please take them with a grain of salt. Here are my results:

Chanel Mat Lumiere in 30
Prior to this experiment, I avoided matte foundations like the plague because despite having very oily skin, I hated the mask-like feeling most matte foundations gave. Not Mat Lumiere. It's quite easy to blend considering its matte formulation, and the finish is actually more of a natural matte than a matte matte. My skin became shiny within an hour and a half, but nothing out of the ordinary, and I found the lasting power to be quite good.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20
If I didn't have such oily skin, Vitalumiere Aqua would definitely, without a doubt, be 'The One'. Sadly, that's not my reality and despite it's lovely, very natural, satin-like finish, my skin looked like I had taken a spray bottle and spritzed water all over my face an hour after application. This was also the most easy to blend foundation I have ever used and had medium coverage.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Beige Ivory
Silk Creme was ok. Nothing about it really made an impression on me at all, which is probably why I'm having a tough time remembering anything to say about it, besides the fact that the color match was too dark.

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup in 021 Linen
Diorskin Nude, like Laura Mercier Silk Creme, was also a foundation that failed to make an impression on me. The color match was too dark, it smells weird, and if I recall correctly, my skin got more oily than it normally does with other foundations, but it's probably because this is a hydrating foundation after all. I just wanted to try it anyway because I was curious.

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in 118
My skin didn't get as crazy oily as I thought it was going to get based on words of caution I was receiving about MUFE HD on oily skin. It had really nice medium coverage with a beautiful, natural, luminous finish (which I loved), and I thought that it might be the one.

Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation in 20
MUFE F&B was a foundation that really surprised me. Everyone told me the coverage was really sheer, but I actually found it to me more in the light to medium spectrum. It has a really natural, skin-like finish that feels light on the skin, and I was happy to find that my skin didn't get more oily than it normally does. My favorite part was that when I'd blot my face, I noticed that there was much less foundation transfer onto the tissue than I usually experience with other foundations, which means that it actually stays on my face and has good lasting power. And I also didn't find the smell nearly as repulsive as everyone else makes it out to be, which is odd because I tend to be very sensitive to scents.

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation in 35
I only used Mat Velvet once when I applied it with my fingers and noticed that the foundation was a mess and it would pill and roll off my skin. I was advised that the application is much better with a brush, but to be honest, I'm not really in any rush to give it another go any time soon for two reasons: In addition to being a horrendous color match (For those keeping count, that's #3! Thanks Sephora SAs!), my face became shiny within an hour and a half (the usual, but I expect more from a super matte foundation), and I actually felt like it looked somewhat unnatural because my t-zone would be excessively shiny while other areas remained relatively matte.

So, which have I decided on, you ask?

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation!!!

Well, I'm 90% sure ;) This is only my second time using it, but I feel like I can already tell that it's exactly what I was looking for. I may be making a Sephora trip very soon, and remember, foundation was the one thing I was allowing myself to buy while on Project 10 Pan :) Other honorable mentions are Chanel Mat Lumiere and MUFE HD Foundation, both of which I thought might be 'it' until ,of course, I tried MUFE F&B. 


Have you tried any of these foundations and if so, which did you like?


  1. This is a very smart idea to try different foundations to see what works and doesn't work for your skin type and/or liking. Glad you were able to settle on one! I have oily skin too (with some dry patches) so it is a bit more difficult to find the best match. Hooray for finding "IT"! :]

  2. Yaaaay so glad you found your perfect match! I was in a makeup school last week and got a chance to try out MAC face and body! I was sooo surpirsed! Since it's water based it adds nooo oil and on my oily face actually stayed un-shiny really well!


  3. Ah! I'm glad that you're getting MUFE F&B! Have you tried Pro Lumiere? I think I'll be getting that next, it seems to have the better qualities of Mat & Vita.

    & about the MUFE F&B scent - a friend of mine has it too & it doesn't smell nearly as strong as mine. I think that might be the reason for some people not minding it, & others not liking it!

  4. @tiffyama: Thanks! I'm so happy and relieved that I've found one that I love :)

    @Nic: I thought about trying MAC F&B but a few people who have used the MAC and the MUFE versions told me they preferred the MUFE F&B and luckily, I love it too! I'm glad you like the MAC one, though :)

    @25FLONDON: No, I think my skin is far too oily for Pro Lumiere :( And about the scent, that makes sense because I really didn't think mine was bad at all! I hope when I buy the full bottle it's the same.

  5. Looks like I need to get my butt over to Sephora next week and pick up some samples of the MUFE F&B! When I get my makeup done at MAC next weekend I will have them put F&B on me just to see how it feels and see if I can get some samples for comparison too! I want more sheer coverage now that it's getting warmer out!

  6. just like you i have oily skin too.. well combination to oily. and your post made want to try mufe face and body. i'm in search for the perfect foundation too, and am currently using mufe mat velvet + and mac pro longwear.. also mufe hd sample.. i actually like mat velvet + but like u i don't like this to be applied with my fingers :( and can't believe mufe hd worked with your oily skin as it wouldn't really cooperate on mine. lol.

  7. I've got the same type of skin (an oilslick) and am really liking Estee Lauder Double Wear. But now you've got my intrigued by MUFE! Have you ever tried DW?

  8. glad you found 'the one' tiffany! i've never tried mufe face and body as my sister hated it, but now i'm reconsidering - i need to pick up some samples! xx

  9. Woot! Need to check this out this summer. I am tempted NOW but need to finish my current foundations of the moment.
    Hmm what do you use to blot with, I hate make up ending up on sheets. I love the Boscia blotting sheets. Esp the green tea. Best I have tried and prob HG

  10. Nice! I must try it now! Also, for the record, I DESPISED Mat Velvet +!!

  11. I love that you got samples and tested the foundations before committing to one. I get asked a lot of questions about what brands/types/formulations of foundations people should use and no one ever thinks to go out and sample them all before buying. :)

  12. @allaboutalexx: No, I haven't tried Double Wear because I've heard that it can feel like a mask and has full(ish) coverage, neither of which I like very much.

    @heatherette: Let me know if you like it too!

    @Lilladylife: I'm gotten really lazy with it because I have to blot all the time (literally!), so I usually just use a tissue.

  13. oh i loove this post... really enjoyed reading it..

    My battle with foundations is an on-going one.. I have tried the Dior Nude and it really surprised me.. It felt so light and looked so natural.. And the best thing about it is that it stayed on all day..

    I have the Chanel Mat Lumiere too and I do like it.. I prefer applying it with my fingers.. It blends in so nicely and i love the satin finish it gives..

    I never thot of trying out MUFE f&B as I really didnt like the MUFE HD foundation.. But from what you say about it, I really do wanna check it out now..

    Thank u sooo much for this post.. Much needed..

  14. It's pretty hard to color match foundation cuz the store's lighting might be screwy and it might look good in a swipe on your face but when applied everywhere look too dark. I've actually recently done this. Except not with so many diff foundations. I've been doing it to test out colors. I tested out 30, 35, & 40 on the mat velvet + before I realized it wasn't the color problem but more so that I didn't really like the finish -_-

    I thought Silk Creme was alright but I wasnt sure if it broke me out T_T The SA was super nice and gave me a ton of it as a sample and also the primer too.

    The HD was ok but it got oily pretty fast for me xD but it might have been because I didn't set it.

    I wanna try out chanel foundations and now MUFE F&B as well xD hopefully the color match won't be bad xD

  15. Thanks for the review ! I need to go on a foundation hunt, too !

  16. had no idea that you could get foundation smaples - must gove it a go xxxxxxx

  17. I really appreciate you blogging about your foundation search! I'm searching right now too and although my skin is nothing like yours, it's been really helpful to hear your thoughts on all of these foundations. I'll definitely be trying out MUFE HD, MUFE F&B, and Chanel Vitalumiere.

  18. I also have very oily skin and skin that is prone to break outs. I didn't think i'd be able to wear foundation but I tried Almay's Clear Complexion makeup line that promises to heal blemishes while concealing. They are not kidding, my skin has not looked so clear and flawless both when I have it on and when I take it off. I still have to blot maybe once during the day, but that is truly nothing compared to once every hour. Its a very reasonable drugstore brand and I definitely recommend for oily/acne prone skin. I also use MUFE Full Coverage Waterproof concealer which is truly amazing

  19. I find it so weird that we wear the same shade in mufe f&b.. I picked out the lightest shade they had since I am so pale. Glad it worked for you though, I love that foundation.

  20. the most informative post iv read in a looong time. I too have super oily skin and foundation is like a never ending battle with me.

    I found chanel vit aq the same, i looked wet within one hour but on dry sins it would be fab.

    i have never used mufe but i think i should now!

    new follower doll great blog xx

  21. Im on mission to find the perfect foundation now as my relationship with drugstore foundations is over, they never have the right colour! Saying that the high end matches are just soo strange, really not sure who there making foundations for these days!

  22. I have normal-dry skin and had the same sample of Chanel Vitalumiere and it felt and looked great on my skin. The smell was lovely also, saving up for it at the mo. However I was stuck between Estee Lauders DoubleWear Light and the Macs F & B still not really sure?? I did go to the EL counter and got a sample of the DW light but havent tried the Macs F & B yet x

  23. @Makeup Owns My Heart: I agree. Drugstore foundations are hard to find a match for too, since most of the time they don't have testers :( I think high-end foundations usually have a nice color range, but I've just had some bad luck with getting matched I think.

    @Sherrie: You tried Vitalumiere or Vitalumiere Aqua? And you have to let me know how you like MAC F&B! A few people who have used the MAC and the MUFE ones told me they preferred MUFE's, so I never bothered trying the MAC one.

  24. I've tried the Laura Mercier Silk Creme! That's about it from this list :( It would be perfect were it not for my oily skin melting it off within 3-4 hours. I then tried EL Double Wear (which I see you've mentioned in a comment response :) ) and loved it, but also felt it was a bit too mask like at times, so switched to Double Wear Light which has all of the pros of the original Double Wear, and none of the cons :) Incredible lasting power.

  25. Ok, now you got me curious, since this is the second rave review i read for MUFE F&B...! I need to swatch it next time I'm at a Sephora!!
    Great crash test hun! x


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