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If you followed me through my recent foundation journey where I sampled several different foundations in hopes of finding The One, you'll know that I finally settled on MUFE Face & Body foundation in the end. And since I decided prior to starting P10P that my HG foundation (if I happened to be lucky enough to find it) would be the only makeup purchase I'd allow myself to make before the completion of P10P, I bought it.

MUFE F&B costs $38 for 1.69oz of product, which is about 0.69oz more than the average liquid foundation. As far as I'm aware, all F&B bottles now come equipped with a pump, too. It's a waterproof and water-based foundation, so it needs to be shaken before each use in order to mix the water with the pigment. 

It has a perfumey, old lady makeup scent (aka floral) mixed with a touch of sunscreen scent that is definitely detectable but not overwhelmingly strong, although I've been told this can vary from bottle to bottle. I'm very sensitive to scents but this one doesn't actually bother me at all and  seems to dissipate fairly quickly after application. I'm roughly an NC25 in MAC shades right now, and my MUFE F&B shade is #20 Ivory for "light skin with beige undertones."

I normally use about a pump and a half for my whole face, and shown above is roughly a bit more than half a pump. It may seem like a lot but the foundation is so light, unlike most foundations, that it's really not too much at all.

Here it is blended (towards the bottom), and the top was left unblended for comparison purposes. As you can see (or maybe not), once blended in, the foundation is virtually undetectable. It looks like skin, not foundation on your skin.

As far as skin types that work best with this foundation, MUFE claims it's best on normal skin types and I know from experience that it is also great on oily skin types. I'm not sure how it would fare on drier skin types because I have no way of testing that. I also just want to add that I've never experienced any cakey-ness whatsoever with this foundation.

I like to use my Sigma F80 brush to buff it in but when I use my fingers (which work well too), the foundation feels watery when blending despite the jiggly, almost gelatinous-like texture it has when it's pumped out of the bottle. Although I've read other reviews describing the coverage as "very sheer," I'd have to say that I simply disagree. The coverage I get with MUFE F&B is in the light-medium spectrum that is slightly buildable. 

I've never tried MAC Face & Body foundation, but I've heard that it can tend to feel sticky after application and needs to be set with powder. This is nothing like that and isn't sticky at all after application. I set it with powder because my skin is extremely oily but for those who have normal/combination or even only slightly oily skin could probably get away with not powdering at all. It's very long-lasting on me (I think the waterproof formula has a lot to do with it) and I notice that much less foundation is transferred to the tissue when I blot my face. 

It's extremely easy to blend and I completely agree with MUFE's claim that it has a "totally natural, satin finish." The finish is not dewy at all. It just looks like a better, fresher version of your skin

In conclusion...
-Comes with 1.69oz; a better deal than most high-end foundations.
-Natural, skin-like finish that just enhances skin tone.
-Waterproof and long-lasting, even on oily skin.
-Did not make me break out.

NEUTRALS (depends on personal preference):
-Light to light-medium coverage.
-Contains no SPF so great for flash photography.

-Bottle is kind of bulky and not great for travel.

I think it's pretty safe to say MUFE F&B foundation is my new HG foundation :)

What's your Holy Grail foundation?


  1. I have oily skin and from what you said, this looks like it might work for me :) I would love to try any of the MUFE foundations, but they are so darn expensive.

    My favorite foundation is actually Revlon Color Stay, but since I'm out, I'm trying to use up my other foundations like Mark Face Expert, MAC Studio Fix (which I don't really like) and Cover Girl Clean foundation and other stuff :(

  2. Looks like a nice foundation! I just got Laura Mercier's oil-free tinted moisturizer to get something lighter for the summer, but it has fantastic coverage! I'm loving it so far :)

  3. I have dry skin and this one is in my top 3 foundations too. Does yours not come out in balls? Despite shaking it up it always seems to come out in pieces for me, mixed in with liquidiness.

  4. @EveryDay Makeup Blog: Good luck using everything up! That's always the hardest part, especially when you just want to buy and try something new :(

    @Ann: Surprisingly, I've never tried the Laura Mercier TMs. I should get a sample sometime :)

    @Justine: Good to know it works well on dry skin too! And no, mine doesn't come out like that. That's odd.

  5. Oh it sounds amazing.. Kinda reminds me of Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua which is also water-based.. And from the phots, the texture seems so much like Bobbi Brown's Skin foundation which I really like..

    Thanks for the great review.. Very informative

  6. Thanks for the review. I'll have to go back and check this one out. The last time they gave me a sample, the color was completely off. It felt like 2-3 shades off. My face was so brown compared to my neck.

  7. @Delyteful Speaks: I tried Vitalumiere Aqua too and compared to this one, Vitalumiere Aqua has much more coverage and within an hour and a half, my face looked like it had been splashed with water. My skin was far too oily for that one but it's great with MUFE F&B :)

    @Kristie: Oh no :( Bad color matches can just completely ruin the whole testing experience.

  8. Well if this post didnt make me very jealous, i really want to try this but just dont have the opportunity without traveling far to get it which is such a same. MUFE really need to try harder over here in the uk x

  9. thanks for the review, i bought this after your suggestion and have been in looove

  10. I was just looking at this on their website because I just got two bottles of the MAC Face and Body foundation, but its really really really sheer! So now that you said its light to medium, I am super excited to get this one! Do you know if you could use this foundation with airbrush?

  11. I have been looking for a good foundation since a long time and I'm so glad I came across this post! I must go and try this one out :) Thank you!

  12. I'm planning to buy this on Thursday probably in #20 or #32, whichever matches better. I can't wait to try it out, I've heard so many good things about it :)

  13. @Roxanne: I know, it's a shame :( Can't you order MUFE on www.gurumakeupemporium.com in the UK, though?

    @Lilladylife: Yay! I'm glad you like it too :D

    @Janalyn: I honestly have no idea :( I've never used an airbrush before. I think it might not be suitable for an airbrush, though, just because the consistency is kind of jiggly and not as watery as MAC F&B (I don't think).

    @justabirdonawire: Let me know how you like it! :D

  14. Most of the times girls applied foundation only on their face and that makes a glory touch to only their face therefore for they must be apply foundation which a we can also applied to our body and also our face.

  15. It's too bad I can't try this out since have dry skin! I've eyed it a couple times though

    1. My skin is normal/dry and I use this all the time and I love it! You should get a sample if you can. :)

  16. Sounds like it's worth a try for my oily skin! Thanks for the review!


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