A Look Inside My Makeup Bag.

I recently ordered a handmade makeup bag on Etsy.

It's an oilcloth makeup bag by Lucy Blaire (her seller name is LucyBlaireCreations), and they have a few different prints listed but since I wanted this specific combination (olive colored zipper with the polka dot design), I ordered it through her 'custom' listing.

My bag is the large size and it measures 9.5" long, 4" wide, and 5" tall. The normal large bags retail for $18, but the custom large bags retail for $19. 

The bag itself is really cute and the oilcloth material means that it's shiny on the outside and can easily be cleaned and wiped down. On the inside, however, the bag is not lined and the material is not the same as it is on the outside (not shiny), and I'm not sure it can be cleaned or wiped off as easily. To me, that's a bit silly because if your makeup ever spilled and your bag got dirty, it'd be dirty on the inside, not the outside, and it's more important to me that the inside is easy to clean than it is the outside. Also, the bag is very thin and a bit flimsy - I just hope it lasts a decent while. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, but I feel it may be a bit overpriced considering how thin it is and the fact that it's not lined.

A look inside...

The bag is very big inside (hence the large size), and all the products I have in it right now only fill it up a little more than halfway. I like to keep my current favorite products and products I'm currently using in my makeup bag for easy access so that I don't have to dig through my entire makeup collection everyday to find them, but I keep the bag at home on my dresser. I don't actually take it with me in my handbag or anything :)

Face products:
Origins VitaZing moisturizer
Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing concealer
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
MAC Studio Finish concealer
MUFE Face & Body foundation
Bare Minerals Well Rested

Eyeshadow palettes:
Inglot palette
Urban Decay Naked palette

Eye products:
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
Clinique Black brush-on cream liner
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara
Shu Uemura eyelash curler
MAC NC20/NW15 Chromagraphic pencil 
Milani Liquif'eye Pencils in Brown and Black
Urban Decay Primer Potion

Cheek products:
Tarte Tipsy Amazonian Clay blush
Illamasqua Hussy blush
Dior 002 Honey Matte bronzer
Dior Amber Diamond
Bourjois Delice de Poudre #52
MAC Stereo Rose MSF

Lip products:
MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass
MAC Shy Girl lipstick
MAC Bare Again Sheen Supreme lipstick

What current favorites are in your makeup bag right now?


  1. Great post! I really must try the sheen supreme lipsticks :o)
    I think it's just me, but After an unfortunate incident where my fave mac blush got all smashed In my makeup bag, I'm kinda too scared to carry my good stuff in my handbag... I'm starting to think my fear is irrational though :) I just need a secure place to store them! :o)

  2. I love these sort of posts! The makeup bag is cute too.

  3. WOW! Your bag must be so heavy! I only ever carry a few lipglosses around, max! xxx

  4. @Hannah and Phoebs: I use this bag just to hold products I'm currently using/loving, but the actual bag sits at home on my dresser. It's just easier to access them that way rather than having to dig through my entire makeup collection everyday trying to find everything. I don't actually take the bag with me in my handbag - it's far too big for that :)

  5. The bag is so cute, but it should be lined inside too.

  6. Oooh your makeup bag is super cute!

  7. that's a HUGE bag! I see that it's filled with lively Spring colors :D

  8. Cute!! Yes it would make a lot more sense to have it lined on the inside. Its cool you have two different zippers too!

  9. I am in love with all your favourite products! If I could buy them all at one go, I would!

  10. I love all of the products you have in your makeup bag!!!! xxx

  11. I think I'm the same skintone as you, could you tell me the shade of your MUFE face and body foundation? thank you! <3

  12. @LVMAKEUP: I agree :(

    @Janalyn: The horizontal zipper on the side doesn't zip or unzip; it's just there for decoration or in case you want to hang up your bag on something :) I think it's cute how they used extra zipper for that though!

    @thu: My shade is #20 :)

  13. Wow makeup porn! I love your makeup bag! I want to try MUFE face and body foundation. How do you like it?

  14. @Miss Nikka: I love it so far! I'm going to review it really soon :)

  15. Cute make up bag! Love everything in it <3

  16. I love the contents of your make up bag! I have/have had in the past, most of what you've got though so I'm biased, but your selection is great!

    Think I need to give Well Rested a go & Dior Honey is at the top of my list!

  17. Great post, I love having a look in people's make up bags.

  18. cute makeup bag :) I love seeing whats inside peoples makeup bags x

  19. Omg, everything looks lovely! Can I just steal your make-up bag along with its entire content?? Heheh xD

  20. Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and say that although the makeup bag isn't lined on the inside it is still fully washable as the fibers you may see inside are just like a gauze that keeps the oilcloth together. Essentially it's a framework for which the vinyl is laid around making it fabric like and sewable! I've also taken into account the "flimsy" problem and have switched oilcloth manufacturers for future bags so they have a bit more weight to them.

    Thanks so much for reviewing my makeup bag and I hope you're still enjoying it!

  21. @Lucy: Thanks for clearing that up! I haven't had to wipe the inside down yet but good to know that it's still fully washable! And yes, I'm still really liking it :)

  22. Great makeup bag and fully washable cosmetics.

  23. Wow!!! Very cute, i love having a look in people's make up bags. cute cute bags! I love the bright colors. Also LOVE your
    Tote Cotton Bags



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