Friday's Face and Outfit.

To-Do List for Friday:
1. Try Origins VitaZing for the first time. 
2. Take FOTD and OOTD pictures. 
3. Go out to dinner with friends. 
4. See Water for Elephants. 
5. Blog. (See below.)

First thoughts on Origins VitaZing are that it's neither good nor bad. It's eh. It gives super sheer coverage with a slightly dewy finish. What I do like is that it gives a tiny bit more coverage when used under foundation, and since my foundation (MUFE F&B) doesn't have tons of coverage to begin with, it's definitely a welcomed contribution. I'll review it more in depth after I've used it more.

I didn't know that Water for Elephants was a book until I found out they were making the movie, and since the books seem to almost always be better than their movie counterparts, I decided to forgo the book until I had seen the movie in order to not be let down. I thought the movie was so good and Reese (we're apparently on a first name basis) looked gorgeous throughout the entire thing! You should totally watch it :)

Origins VitaZing (moisturizer)
MUFE Face & Body foundation in #20
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC30
Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing concealer in 002 Beige
Bare Minerals Well Rested
MAC MSFN in Medium Plus
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Base
Illamasqua Bronzer in Burnish (as blush)
Dior Amber Diamond

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
Inglot e/s (green and black shades from this palette)
MAC Pigment in Vanilla
Bourjois Delice de Poudre #52 (blend out shadows)
Milani Liquif'eye Pencil in Black (waterline)
MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Blackline
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

MAC l/s in Bare Again

And here are my OOTD puzzle piece-type pictures :)

Sheer black top: TJ Maxx
Black skinny pants: Target
Black jewel ring: Banana Republic
Silver ring: Forever 21
Tassle necklace: Forever 21
Brown wedges: Kohl's (these are my new obsession!)
Nail polish: Revlon Black with Envy

I love those wedges, by the way. I rarely ever wear shoes that are non-flats, and I've worn these two days in a row! That's saying a lot for me. And the best part about them by far is that they were originally $60 and I got them for $24! It's funny how a good deal makes them look even cuter ;)


  1. You look gorgeous! I love the hair! :)

  2. I love your rings! Where are those from? :)

  3. you look beautiful honey..love your outfit too.

  4. Bangs really suit you! Wedges are the best kind of shoes ever lol. i wish they had kohl's here in canada... we never get good deals for anything here lol.

  5. Lovely outfit, makeup and super cute hair!
    Awesome deal on the wedges, everything looks way better when it's on sale! :p

  6. Those wedges are beautys, love them. Have a similar pair from h&m but have to admit yours are better :)

  7. Thanks, ladies! I love the wedges too :D

    @Julie: It's listed under the last photo :)

  8. I love your outfit! And your make up too, of course :)

  9. Looking pretty. Love the outfit too.

  10. Love these wedges! Ive been looking for somee cute ones that would go w/ alot. Ill have to try to get up to Kohls today-espec. if they are only $24...youre so right that a great price makes something even cuter <3

  11. LOVE THE SHOES! Do you know if they had these in black?
    Not only do I love the shoes but I alos love your entire outfit and your makeup!


  12. You look fantastic! Those wedges are a spectacle! ^_^ hehe I love the sheer black top. SO pretty!
    I've been seeing tho Origins Vitazing on a lot of blogs! Good to know its sheer. And I cant wait to see Water for Elephants! AHh!

  13. i love your wedges! Your makeup looks great too, i was on the fence about the Origins VitaZing. Your thoughts on it were pretty much what i expected it to be :)

  14. Oo! I love our outfit! It's so cute :) I was thinking of seeing that movie... but not sure if I want to pay for it or wait till it's on netflix.

  15. Pretty FOTD :) I love your wedges! What a great bargain at less than half price. xx

  16. Thanks, ladies! You're all so sweet! <3

    @Savannah: I didn't see them in black :(

  17. I really love your new hair especially the bangs! You look beautiful! Love the casual outfit too!

  18. I agree with you on the vitazing. It's just so so for me as well. You look stunning. Your skin looks flawless. :)

  19. what an amazing top!!! cant blv u scored that at TJ MAX! total score and Green looks UNBELIEVABLE on ur eyes!!!

  20. Great outfit! I love your top and shoes :D

  21. Wow you look amazing! I think this is my fav fotd yet!

  22. First of all, I laughed when I saw your nail polish, because I'm wearing it too - of course! LOVE the outfit, makeup, hair (the BANGS! <3) - as always!

    I really go back and forth with Vitazing - I loved it the first few times I used it, then HATED it, then loved it again, and now I'm feeling so-so about it, too. I think I like it best on "no makeup" days with some cream blush and mascara. I've been using the Clinique Moisture Surge TM (which I still need to review... so lazy!!), which I think has much better coverage and wears longer. I want to wear it at least a few more days before I review it, though, just in case I change my mind...

    On a final note, I can't WAIT to see Water for Elephants!!

  23. Love your top & wedges! (especially the wedges - I need to find a pair exactly like them!)

    I thought the same thing when I tried out Vitazing in the store a couple of days ago. Very meh. It basically is just skincare & doesn't add much in terms of colour to my skin. Maybe I'm too tanned right now? But honestly, I couldn't even see the 'glow' everyone talks about. It just moisturised. Like a moisturiser.. haha.

    Love your make up, & the fringe really does suit you!

  24. Gorgeous hair/face/outfit! I want to see that movie now as well.

  25. Adorable OOTD!!! Really well done!!! :)

  26. I LOVE those wedges!!! Love your look too :)


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