Friday Fancies.

In case you haven't noticed, wishlist-type posts have been making somewhat regular appearances on my blog lately, and the reasoning behind that is simple: Project 10 Pan. I feel like if Makeup Addicts Anonymous actually existed, "Wish for things but don't actually buy them" could potentially be one of the 12 steps.

TOMS Light Green Calypso Canvas Wedges $69

I love TOMS anyway but I'm especially enamoured with this pair because of the minty green color.


Benefit Sugarbomb $28

I've never really been drawn to Sugarbomb before but lately, I've been noticing how many people have been mentioning they love it and how it's one of their most reached for blushes that I'm kind of second guessing my lack of interest now. I know Hard Candy has just released a suspiciously similar looking product, but after being continually underwhelmed by a lot of drugstore products and noticing how rarely I tend to reach for those products, I'll admit that I've become a bit of a brand whore o_0


MAC Lipstick in Costa Chic $14.50

For some reason, every time I find myself in a MAC store, I either forget to swatch Costa Chic or they don't have it on the display. I'm not completely sold on the frost finish but again, so many people love this one for Spring and Summer that it must be doing something right!

Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme

Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme in Rose Gold $30

If you guys watch Pixiwoo and Pixi2woo, which I'm sure you all do, you'll know why I want this one :) I only have one other cream highlighter (I think?) and definitely none that are rose gold. Swoon.

Rose d

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes 

I'm not even sure which shade(s) I want because I haven't been able to find super clear swatches of all of them yet, but I just think the packaging is really compact and cute and based on what I've heard, the blushes seem to be really good quality too.

Anything catching your fancy this Friday?


  1. I love Bourjois blush! Bought it from ASOS, it's cheaper and they have limited edition cover for the blush.

    I have 3: Rose D'or, Ambre D'or and Rose de Jaspe. I love more peachy and orange tone (the last two), maybe it's more suitable for my skin. But Rose d'or is the most popular one

  2. I LOVE Bourjois! I'm so sad that Sephora doesn't sell that brand anymore :-(

  3. I think I'm like you when it comes to costa chic... I love it when I see on others' blogs and I mke a mental note to swatch it next time at mac bt keep forgetting! I'm trying to be good now too and not buy so much, so on my wish list now is anything by Illamasqua.

  4. LOVE those Tom's! I only have a couple pairs of the flats, I didn't even know they made wedges. They're so cute!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Such cute wedges! They would be perfect for summer! Sugar Bomb by benefit is lush I need it xx :o)

  6. I've been waiting till the Urban Decay Roller Girl Eye Shadow Palette,
    And Roller Girl Nail Polish Set came out,
    And there FINALLY online!!
    So I think I'm ordering them this afternoon!!
    PLUS MAC's Quite Cute collection came out yesterday.
    And working at Macy's RIGHT NEXT to the MAC made me wonder off and check it out.
    I think I might get a few things.
    Once the Macy's Beauty Event happens.
    20% PLUS an extra 10-25% off beauty products?!?!?
    I'M THERE!!

    I also picked up Revlon's Minted Polish yesterday.
    And compared it to the new MAC one.



  7. Those wedges look perfect, what a beautiful colour! xoxo

  8. mm i definitely want to try out the jemma kidd dewy glow as well but JK is hard to find in the states...(her school of makeup line anyway)

  9. ooh those shoes look awesome! that mint green color is everywhere this season =)

  10. Ahh, we have such similar taste Tiffany!
    I just ordered Costa Chic, can't wait to try it out! I have been eying up Sugarbomb (always swatch when I am in Sephora, but can never understand what the fuss is about once it's on my skin) and JK Dewy Glow for some time now. I did get the Hard Candy one and I have to say (Justine @productrater did a post on this) they aren't quite the same. As far as Dewy Glow, I haven't seen really decent swatch pictures to get accurate coloring, it seems like it might be close to Hush or Shell CCB by MAC, so I haven't indulged because I should really use those up first!
    Also, I was on the ASOS website the other day looking at the Bourjois blushes but like you said, haven't seen clear swatch pictures! Our lust lists our in synch!

  11. @Jesica: I'm definitely going to look into all 3 of those shades. Thank you :)

    @Vanessa: I know! I wish they'd bring it back :(

    @Makeup and Macaroons: I'd love anything by Illamasqua too!

    @Jessica: Yup, I think they started making wedges last year or something :)

    @Lulu: I agree that the wedges would be perfect for Summer - I think because of the color especially!

    @Jordan: Ooo...that UD palette looks gorgeous!

    @jennie: I love mint so much!

    @kellyyes: Yeah, I think we'd have to order online :(

    @MaviDeniz: I know! I love the color :)

    @Danielle: How funny! Our lust lists are totally in synch!

  12. I hate to make you question your judgement any further, but you have to get Sugabomb!!! It is easily my most reached for blush, and it works equally lovely on the eyes too. You can use it all mixed up or pick one of the four colours as a focus. LOVE IT

  13. @Kimmi: Really?? I think I just might get it at the conclusion of Project 10 Pan then :D

  14. I added a link to your blog under the list of "my favorite blogs" on my page! :)


    p.s. please follow me!:)

  15. oh I just received that Bourjois blush from 25London! I just used it today! It is not too pigmented but with a MAC 109 it comes off as a very natural pinky peach! I will try my best to swatch it on my blog but Bubblegarm did a post on that color, thats y i requested it!


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