The Fabulous Loopholes in P10P :)

I'm not a Project 10 Pan expert by any means, having only finished 2 measily products in the past one and a half months, but I have discovered a few loopholes in the system while continuing on my treacherous, makeup-purchase-free journey. 

Keep in mind, though, that my personal P10P goal was to specifically use up 10 makeup and/or nail polishes (although I'm not really anticipating using up any nail polishes) and not buy any more of those products until then. Someone who is attempting a classic P10P may not find nearly as many loopholes as I have...which is probably a good thing ;)

Loophole #1 
Perfume:: Clearly fair-game since it's neither makeup nor nail polish, I indulged myself in a quick pick-me-up with a rollerball of Stella by Stella McCartney EDP. I'll still give myself a pat on the back, though, for resisting and not shelling out too much money while on P10P and getting the full-size bottle.

Loophole #2 
Skincare:: I asked on Twitter whether people considered Origins VitaZing a makeup or skincare product and got several extremely iffy replies. Then, when I went to take a look in-store, I noticed that it's clearly marketed as a moisturizer, therefore being fair-game, and therefore finding it's way into my shopping bag.

Loophole #3
Freebies/Samples:: I actually picked up all of my foundation samples prior to starting P10P, but I think that samples and little freebies (like Sephora 100-point perks) are a good way to curb your new makeup cravings. Just make sure not to be obnoxious and go all out on a sample-collecting frenzy if you're not honestly considering buying something - it's just rude and inconsiderate to the sales associates. By the way, I won this Essie nail polish in Day Without Blues on the TOMS Facebook page :)

Loophole #4
Gifts:: It's kind of cheating, I know. Especially when they live in a completely different state and you actually gave them your address so that they could send it to you, all the while knowing you shouldn't be allowed to acquire any new makeup. All I can say is that it's rude to not accept gifts, right? ;) I'm just kidding, by the way - in no way am I suggesting or asking that anyone send me gifts.

Loophole #5 
Mascara:: I hadn't really thought P10P all the way through before embarking on it, and when I found myself mascara-less a mere 3 weeks in after my mascara dried out, I panicked...and after I was done panicking, I bought a new mascara. To be fair, I bought a simple drugstore one that costed $5, not YSL Faux Cils or anything. And let's be honest, P10P is cool and all, but no one wants to look fugly doing it.

Loophole #6 
Lip Balm:: By far one of the easiest and quickest things to use up, especially if you have dry lips like mine. Just keep slapping it on like nobody's business and you're bound to finish one up in no time.

Loophole #7
Minis:: You know those mini Lipglasses and Lustreglasses that MAC releases sometimes around holiday time? Well, they have 0.08oz compared to 0.17oz in full-sized versions, BUT a full-sized Dazzleglass only contains 0.06oz and a full-sized Cremesheen Glass contains 0.09oz, so technically, the minis are not really all that mini after all, and are fair-game for being used up (hopefully at a much faster rate) and counting as 1 product each :) I learned this fun fact after reading a post on Sandra's blog a long time ago!

As you can see, some of these are loopholes; others are bending of the rules/cheats that I've attempted to mask as 'loopholes'. I hope this helps some of you who are contemplating embarking on your own P10P! We can do it!


  1. This is so funny! I can tell you seriously miss buying make up :o) I will keep these tips in mind if I am ever brave enough to do a p10p (joke, I will never have that much willpower!)
    Just thinking, in a similar way to the lip balm you could paint an extra coat of polish on your nails each day (and tip some down the sink), then it would be used up in no time! :o)
    Great post x

  2. I wish one day I acquire so much make up that I can actually think of embarking on a P10P, hehe xD

  3. That's a handful of ways to cheat the system! :p hehe Well, that's still pretty good. If you were at Sephora and didn't get into a frenzy, i applaud you! :D

  4. lol too funny. i love how we girls will justify little things like this. I think your doing a great job :)

  5. Haha, that is a lot of loopholes! But they all sound pretty legitimate to me!

  6. Hahaha you are very creative with your loopholes. :) I can't even attempt this project. It would all be loopholes.

  7. Aaaahahaha I'm doing a P10P myself right now, and I've definitely been taking advantage of some of these loopholes!
    I've been getting skincare and clothing and accessories in place of makeup! And it's working out pretty well!

  8. You give me hope I can do this too! I think I may have to embark on a spending ban first and see how that works out before taking the plunge and fully committing to P10P!

    Isn't Stella the most AMAZING fragrance in the world? I started wearing it when I was 16, and I haven't yet found a season/occasion that it didn't seem appropriate for!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Loopholes are always fun :)

    Just wondering about the Origins VitaZing, how does your skin cope with it? I have oily skin and am on the perpetual search for a good moisturiser with spf that doesn't make my face uber oily..

    thanks <3

  10. hehe someone is being very creative to find so many loopholes-thank you! i will be looking back on this post when i eventually embark on P10P hehe

  11. @Hannah: Hahaha! That sounds like a fantastic idea! Yay for a nail polish loophole ;D

    @Jessica: YES! I LOVE it!

  12. @Racheena: I don't think it's the best moisturizer ever for oily skin and while it's not exactly greasy, it leaves a dewy finish that definitely needs to be powdered if you have oily skin. I'm going to do a full review pretty soon :)

  13. Hahaha Tiffany you're so funny. I love this post!

    You know, I'm a huge perfume junkie and I only just recently realized that you could actually purchase the rollerballs! I thought they only came in those "gift" sets when you purchase the the bigger sized bottle with the lotions and etc.

    Hello money/space saver! I don't think I've ever fully gone through a whole bottle of perfume. I wonder how long it takes for perfume to expire!


  14. love it! I say, find even MORE loopholes =)

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your P10P survival skills with us Tiffany! As some of us tweeted recently, I think I can say several of us will be joining you on your journey soon! I have to commend you though. Your posts have been so creative and unique since you embarked on P10P (not that they weren't before) but they just seem even more so! You are doing such a great job! :)

  16. @Nora Schu: I'm not sure if ALL perfumes come in a rollerball size, but I know that a lot of them do. And I'm like you - I usually don't finish a full bottle so it's much more economical and space saving this way :D

    @Makeup Majesty: Hahaha :D

    @Danielle: Thanks, Danielle! You're so sweet <3


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